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LCBC Hazleton

Our mission is to
introduce people to
and together fully follow him.

We're so excited about all that God has done through our church in 2017, and we want to celebrate each story of life change behind every number as we continue to work towards seeing more and more lives changed by Christ.

LCBC Hanover

An average of
14,832 people
attended an LCBC gathering each weekend

Average weekly attendance by location

LCBC Ephrata

Hope & Freedom in a New Life

Scott Johnston

Scott Johnston, LCBC Ephrata

"Having most everything I needed in life, I still could not find a way to be happy or content. I suffered with anxiety, depression, insomnia, and I struggled with alcohol. There was something missing from my life. I just couldn't figure it out on my own. My wife and I attended LCBC Ephrata a few times on holidays with her father. I always made excuses for why I wouldn't have time to attend regularly. We came to Easter in 2017 and really enjoyed the message, so much that we discussed coming back the following Sunday, although in the back of my mind I was thinking, 'probably not.' That Friday, I experienced a life-changing event that I am positive was too well-timed to be coincidence. God made things clear to me by bringing me face-to-face with myself, and I despised the man that I saw. I had become a pitiful, broken semblance of God's creation, hiding from reality with alcohol. We returned on Sunday, and I was beginning to submit to God's will. That week, I attended my first Celebrate Recovery meeting at LCBC Manheim. With my wife sitting among the room full of strangers, I stood, freely admitted my faults, and fully turned my life over to God, and I was welcomed home. I am now a regular attendee of LCBC Ephrata. I attend Celebrate Recovery every week and I have control over my anxiety, depression, and insomnia. I have a new job and I am celebrating 90 days of sobriety. Thank you LCBC, Celebrate Recovery, my wife, and most of all praise Jesus!"

This fall
7 locations
launched Monday evening gatherings

An average of
1,397 people
attended Monday gatherings each week

LCBC Columbia-Montour
LCBC Berks

This year
525 people
declared they're a follower of Jesus by sharing their story through baptism

A Life Changed Through Friendship

Emily Hess

Emily Hess, LCBC Manheim

"I met my best friend Maura in the 11th grade while we both worked for the Lancaster Barnstormers, and we soon became inseparable at work. When we graduated high school, we attended separate colleges. Maura was homesick, anxious, and lacked a feeling of belonging, and I was dealing with the death of my grandmother. When we came back to work after our freshman year, we got even closer. It was during this time that I realized Maura didn't really have much faith. She was raised Catholic, but felt disconnected from God. As a follower of Jesus my whole life, I struggled with knowing Maura didn't know Jesus the way I did. Our junior year of college, I decided to bring her with me to church, and thought that LCBC would be a good choice since I'd heard that it was appealing to people our age. After the first gathering, she told me she wanted to come back the following week. Several months and gatherings later, Maura accepted Jesus. In November, she publicly declared her faith through Baptism, and asked me to be in the water with her. To say I'm proud of Maura is an understatement. I have seen such a change in her personality, in how she views herself, and in how she lives. I'm so happy that my best friend now sees herself the way that Jesus sees her, and that He can begin working in her life."

6,719 adults
connected with God and others in small groups

Men's Frat small groups, LCBC Manheim

The Power of Connection

Shawn Garner

Shawn Garner, LCBC Manheim

"My story is very difficult to tell. I've always believed in Jesus, just never really trusted in Him. I have had many problems in my life–from not ever truly loving myself to lying and stealing from the ones I love. I've dealt with depression and anxiety all my life. It has controlled my life, which has caused me to lose everything, especially the one woman that I believe was my true love. I considered suicide. I was attending Men's Frat at LCBC this year, and when we had our first small group, we all started to introduce ourselves. I was the last to go and I thought, I'm not going to share much. However, by the time it came to me, I opened my mouth and it all just came out—my whole life story. There was a man sitting across from me named Jeff, and he just looked at me and said, 'Jesus needs you and loves you.' He walked me out that night, and ever since has been my true friend and mentor. He has led me to Jesus and led me to where I am today. Jesus has changed my life in many ways. He has truly helped me deeply love myself. He has helped me make the right choices and take a new look at my life. Lastly, He helped me find a true friend in Jeff. I have finally found what I need in my life, and that is Jesus. I am ready to let Him show me the way and follow His path."

6,003 people
actively serving

Camera volunteer, LCBC Manheim

A Way to Say "Thank You, God"

Heidi Wallace

Heidi Wallace, LCBC Manheim

"When I first started coming to LCBC in 1998, if I'm honest, I only began serving as a Sunday School teacher to spend more time with my youngest daughters. I was a divorced, single mom working full-time and was starved for time with my girls. I never thought that I would be 'permitted' to serve as a divorced Christian, that I would ever meet the standards. But God had His plan and began using my time serving to reconnect me to Him and help me understand my value in Him. He redirected my thinking from me to we, teaching me that serving others is a great way to say 'Thank you, God.' He continued to bless me abundantly in each area I've served in. As my husband and I approached this new phase of life this past year—the empty nester phase—my good friend encouraged me to serve as a mentor with the College Age Connect ministry. I'm so glad I gave it a try! Not only has God allowed me to connect with an incredible group of young women, but I've started new and deeper relationships with other mentors as well. Being a part of the ministry gives me a sense of belonging as well as accountability to both the co-mentors and young women in my group. My initial intention in serving with Connect was to minister to young people...God's intention was to minister to me."

kidVenture Island, LCBC Waynesboro

374 kids
asked Jesus to be their forever friend

At kidVenture Island, kids experience God's truth in safe and exciting environments and learn about the love of Jesus through interactive stories, videos, and music while connecting with a leader in a LIFE Group. As we encourage kids to take their next steps, they're given the opportunity to trust Jesus and ask Him to be their forever friend.

Simple Change from a Six-Year-Old



"First grader AJ's heart was broken when he heard about kids in Africa who didn't have clean water to drink. He went home that day and told his parents about it, and during his prayer at dinner he made a decision to help 90 kids have clean water to drink. After his prayer and through tears, he upped his goal to 100 kids, starting by giving his only $10 bill plus some dollar bills out of his wallet, a total of $19. The next day at school he approached his principal, telling him about the Simple Change movement at LCBC, and asked if he could help raise more money at school. A few days later, six-year-old AJ spoke in front of his entire school about Simple Change and his goal of raising 50 cents per kid for clean drinking water. His teacher kept a jar in her room for AJ to collect money, and at the end of the week he was at a total of 130 kids! He decided to have a booth at his parents' Christmas Bazaar at the gym that they own, where he sold his artwork and coffee for 50 cents. Between all of these projects and working with his grandfathers to earn the final amount, AJ raised enough money to provide clean drinking water for 500 kids! In kidVenture Island, we talk about giving kids something signicant to do so they feel signicant, and partnering with this project has allowed AJ the opportunity to see God work in bigger ways than he could possibly dream or imagine."
-Leanne Kehler, kidMinistry Director LCBC BranchCreek

kidMinistry LIFE Group, LCBC Manheim

An average of
2,678 kids
in our kidMinistry environments each weekend

3,891 kids
visited for the first time and experienced Jesus on their level

An average of
1,085 volunteers
dedicated each weekend to seeing lives changed one kid at a time

154 students
shared their story of trusting Jesus through baptism

LCBC Lancaster City

An average of
1,184 students
in our student ministry environments each week

1,244 students
attended for the first time

Student Ministry LIFE Group, LCBC Manheim
Student Ministry Fall Retreat

911 kids
spent intentional time with God on retreats

399 at Fall Retreat (High School)
512 at Wildfire (Middle School)

You gave $27,000
to help make it possible for students to attend retreats

An Opportunity to Trust


Addisyn, LCBC York

"When I was young, I heard about Jesus but never fully trusted in Him. Before I trusted Jesus, I felt empty, like I had nothing in me. I felt that I was all alone when I was at school or playing sports. I was just making meaningless decisions without thinking. I did not really care about the decisions I was making. I started to learn more about God in Collide and in school, which played a major role in my life. I realized that I was hiding from God. Then I went to Wildfire this summer, which helped me learn more about God and have a better relationship with Him. Wildfire was such an important trip for me because I learned more about God than I did ever before. We prayed before every meal, met in the auditorium, and so much more. Then in August I accepted Jesus into my life. I was looking out my window in my room and realized that God is the center of creation, that He created everything. Ever since I trusted Jesus with my life, I feel like I am never alone. My decisions are more thought out, and more meaningful. Now when I read the Bible, I pull out what the meaning is about, and then I apply it to my life. Not just reading or listening to the Bible and doing nothing about it.Now I want to go to LCBC with excitement. I want to show everyone that my life is changed by Christ."

235 students & leaders
were a part of serving trips this year

Serving our local communities as well as communities in Washington D.C. and New York City

Students serving the Mount Joy community

This fall
students & kids
together raised
to give clean water to people in Swaziland, Africa

Through our Simple Change campaign


You gave

to see more lives changed by Christ

$21,470,150 to General Fund

$5,748,920 to ONE LIFE

1,421 people
trusted God by taking their next step through giving to LCBC for the first time

2,024 households
started or extended their commitment to ONE LIFE

Trusting Through Tithing

Pam Kauffman

Pam Kauffman, LCBC Hanover

"My background with tithing is that I never thought much about it. I tithed when I was little, but when I started making 'big girl money' and I started getting bills of my own, it became harder to give Jesus money...especially because He already has it all. But after hearing teaching on tithing at LCBC, I realized that it's not really about the money, it's about your heart. Jesus wants our heart. God gave me the gifts and talents I needed (and breath in my lungs) to even be able to make money myself. So looking at it that way, it makes total sense. So I started the 90-Day Tithing Challenge. I've seen so many benefits since I started tithing—I'm not stressed about money anymore, and right after I began tithing I received a promotion and raise at work. I've been trusting in Jesus in a deeper way since deciding to tithe, and the resources you get alongside taking the challenge are so encouraging!"

Through ONE LIFE this year
2 locations

LCBC Hanover (October 15)
LCBC Hazleton (November 19)

1 location

LCBC Columbia-Montour (Berwick to Bloomsburg, July 1)

This opened doors in three new communities, furthering our vision through ONE LIFE of introducing more people to Jesus across the state of Pennsylvania.

LCBC Columbia-Montour
LCBC Hanover
LCBC Hazleton
Sponsorship trip to Kenya

In 2017 we sent out
82 people / 7 teams
on sponsorship trips across the world to:

Kenya, Lebanon, Bolivia, Haiti, Honduras, India, and Guatemala

Lives Changed Through Sponsorship

McKinley Waltman

McKinley Waltman, LCBC Manheim

"The people in Kenya have so much love for their communities and a strong faith and trust in God. It was truly inspiring to go see where they're living, the water they're drinking, and the little food they had, but then hear them consistently praising God for what they did have. Their faith and trust in God was incredible to see and makes me want to grow in my relationship with Him. One of my favorite moments of the trip was being able to see how our sponsorships are affecting the people in many positive ways. Our sponsorships don't just benefit the children, they benefit the entire community! One of the projects we were able to see was the water kiosks they have started building. Because of our sponsorships, they are able to start funding new and efficient ways to get clean water throughout the community. Now that they have the water kiosks, women are able to stay home with the younger children, the young girls are safer because they don't have to go off by themselves to find water, and the children are able to go to school. After seeing and hearing all of this, I was inspired to sponsor a child of my own!"

We celebrate that a total of
4,000+ children
across the world are cared for through our sponsorships

437 children
were sponsored this year

10,830 children
received gifts

Locally through Giving Tree tags and globally through Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes

Children's Bible Club in Kenya, sponsored through LCBC
Be Rich painting serve project

Through our Be Rich initiative
our church gave

2,691 volunteers served 6,204 hours
to impact our local communities through
63 partner organizations

Impact Through Generosity

Jeff Bruce

Jeff Bruce, Executive Director of Center for Champions, LCBC Harrisburg

"I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you that I really appreciated your message for Be Rich. We have been one of the recipient organizations for the past 3 years. The first year I was absolutely blown away, and each year since has been an absolutely awesome blessing. You said something that was bold and it totally seems like a statement that no one in their right mind would get choked up about, but I did. You said, 'I want us to pour out money on our partner organizations.' I'm telling you, when I heard that, my eyes filled with tears."


developed through LCBC-hosted conferences

Leadership Summit, ORANGE Tour, Catalyst, and Sticky Teams

As a church, we're passionate about empowering and developing church leaders to continue to equip the local church and strengthen the impact it has on our world.

Leadership Summit, LCBC Lancaster City

LCBC Network

In order to see as many lives changed throughout our state as possible, we began exploring the option of a network to leverage our experience over the past 30 years. We brought together leaders from 7 of the largest multisite churches in Pennsylvania to brainstorm what it would look like to work together as the Church to reach those in our state. We're excited to see all that God will do as we continue this journey!

LCBC Original Music

Music is a major part of who we are. When we gather together as a church, music helps us to express our need, our love, and our gratitude for God.

We Are Lives live recording, LCBC Manheim

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Social Media Channels


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Most Watched Sermon

Christmas at LCBC 2017 Live Stream

LCBC Manheim

Way to go!

God has done so many amazing things through our church in 2017, and we can't wait to see the future that He has planned for us! Thank you for being a part of our story and for continuing to trust God as we move forward into 2018.

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