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10 Types of Groups You Didn't Know Existed At LCBC

Can you believe summer is almost here? And along with it comes a new opportunity to connect with others in an Online Group. June marks the start of our new Groups semester, and this one is filled with unique subjects and studies to connect on with others. Below you’ll find 10 types of Groups that will be available on the Group Finder this next semester that you may not have even known existed!

1. Managing Stress & Anxiety Let’s face it—we’re all dealing with a new level of stress right now. Whether stress and anxiety have always been a part of your story or it’s a new struggle you’re facing this season, don’t try to tough it out alone. Join a Group where you’ll identify your stressors and walk away with renewed hope.

  • To join a Group like this: search Anxiety, Stress and How Not To Drown on the Group Finder

2. Exploring The Enneagram Odds are you’ve at least heard of the Enneagram in the past few years, but did you know this tool is more than just a personality test? Get together with others who want to learn more about themselves and the people around them and hear from Enneagram experts on how you can use it to better your relationships.

  • To join a Group like this: search Exploring the Enneagram on the Group Finder

3. Living in A Blended Family If you’re part of a blended family, you know it’s not always easy. Every family is unique, and blended families face even more unique struggles of their own. Join this Group and learn to use the 5 love languages to honor the past and look forward to the future.

  • To join a Group like this: search Building Love Together In Blended Families on the Group Finder

4. Exploring Faith If you’re new to faith or looking for answers after spending some time away from the Church, joining a Group on exploring faith is a great place to start. Ask questions in a safe space with others who are eager for deep conversations and looking for next steps.

  • To join a Group like this: search Exploring Faith on the Group Finder

5. Leading From Home While a lot of us are working from home right now, are we also leading from home? Learn more about what it looks like to lead in your household as you explore Craig Groeschel’s leadership podcast with others who share your desire to lead better where you are.

  • To join a Group like this: search Lead From Home on the Group Finder

6. Growing in Friendships We were created for community, and one of the best places to find that community is in our friendships. Jump into a women’s Group based on the importance of solid friendships in your life and how to grow in deeper relationships through them.

  • To join a Group like this: search Not Alone on the Group Finder

7. How to Read the Bible And Actually Enjoy It Have you ever tried to read the Bible but been overwhelmed with where to start? You’re definitely not alone. Reading the Bible can feel like a big step, but it’s an important one—and you can enjoy it! Join this Group to learn more about the Bible and what it looks like to engage with God’s Word and apply it to your life.

  • To join a Group like this: search How to Read the Bible And Actually Enjoy It on the Group Finder

8. Leading & Connecting for Business Owners If you’re a business owner juggling your business and your faith, this Group is for you! Grow alongside other entrepreneurs and business owners who are going through the same experiences as you and learn how to keep leading well.

  • To join a Group like this: search Leadership & Connection for Business Owners on the Group Finder

9. Finding Financial Peace Worrying about money doesn’t have to be a normal part of life—join a Group based on finding peace with money, finances, budgeting, and more as you go through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University together. You won’t regret this opportunity to stop stressing about money and start living life the way you’ve always wanted to.

  • To join a Group like this: search Financial Peace University on the Group Finder

10. Connecting in Relationships Relationships are important, and they’re not always easy. Explore what it looks like to be intentional in a truly fulfilling relationship and how that relates back to how God created us.

  • To join a Group like this: search Power of the Other on the Group Finder

Find all these Groups and more using the Group Finder, or explore what it looks like to start your own Online Group! We can’t wait to hear all the stories that come out of the connections you’ll have over the next semester.

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