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2021 Valentine's Day Toolkit

Valentine’s Day is all about love - love between couples, between friends and family, and between you and God! This Valentine’s Day, no matter how you feel about love, there’s a fun way to celebrate and embrace your February 14th.

Check out this toolkit full of date ideas for all ages and all relationships, playlists (for those in love and those who are sick of it!), resources for parents, and advice and next steps for every person who has ever been in any kind of relationship. Make the most of Valentine’s Day this year, no matter how you celebrate!

To Listen:

If you’re feeling especially romantic this season, check out this Spotify playlist full of some of our favorite love songs that you can play at home, in the car, or even on a date with your significant other!

Would you rather not think about love this Valentine’s Day? Press play on this Anti-Romance Spotify Playlist and forget about love for a while.

Check out some of the best songs about love for the next generation all in one playlist.

Parents, if you’ve ever heard of the 5 Love Languages, you probably know your own and maybe the love language of your significant other - but have you ever thought about how your child feels the most loved by you? Check out this podcast with best-selling author Gary Chapman as he helps you discover your child’s love language.

To Plan:

If you’re looking to go on a date with your significant other but you’re not sure where to start, start here! You’ll find three full Date Night Guides created to set you up for meaningful conversation and fun activities for a great date.

Whether you’re spending your Valentine’s Day by yourself, with friends, with your family, or with your significant other, we’ve got a date idea for you! Check out this article to find a fun and memorable way to celebrate this year.

Maybe you never thought about spending Valentine’s Day with friends - but why not? If you’re looking for something fun to do with your group of friends, use this list of trivia to create a friend date night! Grab food and prizes and you’re all set for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

To Read:

God loves you! God reveals the nature of his love for you in forgiveness, discipline, protection, provision, grace, mercy and liberation. Check out this Bible Reading Plan that focuses on God's love.

Is love as superficial as the word we use it to describe everything from food to people? Find out what love really means in this Bible Reading Plan.

It's no secret that those who are closest to us can wound us the most profoundly. Reeling from betrayal, we build walls around our hearts to protect us from the heartache, yet these are the very walls that block us from seeing hope, receiving healing and feeling love. It's time to tear down your walls, work through your wounds, repair damaged relationships and discover the power of an open heart in this Bible Reading Plan.

    Learn to love Jesus and love others like he loves you. This three-day plan of prayer is designed to prepare and soften our hearts to understand His love for us and to deepen our love for Him.

    If you’re parenting a teenager, first of all, take a much needed deep breath. Now - are you wondering how they’ll handle Valentine’s Day this year, or how you will? Check out this handy guide from Axis all about how to navigate the day of love in terms of parenting a teenager.

    To Watch:

    There are five bonds that affect every type of relationship—from parents, to roommates, to significant others. Dive into what it looks like to KNOW another person, and keep knowing them, in a way that benefits the relationship between you for the long run.

    We never want to rely on someone who will let us down, but how do we know when it's the right time to start relying on another person? Check out this message on relying on others in our Winning At Relationship series.

    We all deal with conflict in our relationships. But what if it’s not about if we fight, but how we fight? When we learn to fight fair, we can fight for a resolution instead of a victory.

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