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3 Surprising Facts About The Christmas Story

Christmas is here, and so is the familiar story that we hear (and tell) every year of the birth of Jesus. But what if the real story of Jesus’ birth looks a little different than what we’ve been picturing? Here are 3 surprising facts about the real Christmas story!

Jesus was probably born in the late summer—about 6 or 7 B.C., and most likely in late August or early September (that’s when shepherds were actually in the fields watching their flocks at night). That means no peaceful blanket of snow; in fact, with a census taking place in Bethlehem, it was probably a pretty hectic scene, even after the savior of the world was born.

Instead of a stable, it was more like a garage...and our definition of “inn” is probably a little skewed, too. When the Bible says, “There was no room in the inn,” the word ‘inn’ is better translated as ‘living area,’ or what we today might call the living room. In other words, the house was filled with people paying to stay in a home and then travel to Jerusalem to register for the census, and then go back home. Packed with people, it wasn’t the best place to have a baby. So they were ushered through the crowded room, down a couple steps, to a place where the family donkey would bed down for the night—a garage.

There were 3 gifts...not necessarily 3 Wise Men. We’re actually not sure how many Wise Men visited Bethlehem to honor Jesus, the text only says that they brought three gifts. The Magi, as they’re also called, were oriental priests schooled in esoteric arts, dream interpretation, astrology, reading animal parts to predict the future, etc. They were consultants—counselors and advisers to royalty. The Wise Men also didn’t arrive until after Jesus was born, and may have even stayed up until he was two years old. 

So as you think about the story of the very first Christmas this year, consider the details that may change the way you view the birth of Jesus. But no matter what the first Christmas looked like, we know it was an event that changed everything for each one of us. 

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