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3 Ways to Invite Someone to Easter at LCBC

There are only a couple weeks left until Easter at LCBC, and we are so excited to celebrate with you! We know that Easter may be one of the only times people make it out to church this year, so it’s a great opportunity to invite friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else you want to experience Easter and LCBC. 

As a church, our mission is to introduce people to Jesus and together fully follow him. Part of that mission means creating environments where life change can take place—which is why Easter is so important. We have the opportunity to provide an Easter experience that’s different from what people expect, and one that can be a turning point in their journey with Christ. 

No matter who you’re thinking about inviting, the series we’re starting on Easter will be on a subject that everyone can benefit from learning more about—boundaries in relationships. As you’re considering who to bring along with you, here are three ways you can invite someone to Easter at LCBC:

Invite Cards

We have invite cards with each campus’s dates and times available in the Atrium at all of our campuses. Grab a handful and use them to invite people personally, providing the invites as reminders they can keep for location and service information. 

Social Media

A simple way to invite is to use social media channels. Send people to our specialized Easter at LCBC webpage, where they can find all the times and locations for all of our Easter services, along with answers to any questions they may have. Also feel free to share or repost with family and friends any Easter posts we publish on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter channels.

Plan an Outing

Make a day out of going to Easter at LCBC together! Plan to treat your guests to lunch or dinner and spend time talking about your experience. Being intentional about your relationship with those you invite will make the invitation easier to accept and the experience even more fun for the both of you!


Easter is one of our favorite times of the year at LCBC, and we are so excited to take the opportunity to meet people where they are in their journey with Easter and LCBC. We have 43 possible gathering times available at nine LCBC locations this year—that’s 43 opportunities for someone to experience Easter in a way they never have before. 

Most people are looking for somewhere to spend Easter this year, and an invite from you may be the nudge they need. We’ll see you April 13-16 for Easter at LCBC!

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