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3 Ways to Show Your Kids How to Live Generously

The idea of giving has changed in the aftermath of COVID-19. More than ever, we’ve seen families pulling together to care for one another in ways we never could have imagined in years before. From making meals for frontline workers, to donating food and clothing to those struggling financially because of job losses, we have been given an incredible opportunity to teach our children the importance of making a difference in someone’s life by giving back what God has given us in abundance.

Teaching our children to live a life of generosity is an invaluable lesson for how we want them to live as adults. Everyone has the ability to make an impact in their community, regardless of age and size. When we teach our children to look for opportunities to serve others, we are teaching them what it is to live like Jesus. It’s never too early or too late for your family to instill the value of generosity, and we hope these tips will help you guide your children in making great steps towards giving.

  1. Encourage different ways to give back

    Not all giving involves money! Teaching children to give their time is a wonderful way to encourage generosity. Whether it’s making cards for neighbors or individuals in long-term care facilities or hospitals, or painting a picture and leaving it on a grandparent’s front step, or joining in a neighborhood or community clean up day. If you’re looking for serve opportunities near you, get in touch with your LCBC location about local serve opportunities.

  2. Be a role model

    Talk to your kids about what steps you’re taking in your own life to live generously. Most times our children don’t know we are tithing or giving when we’re writing a check or giving online. Talking to them about how we give and why increases their understanding and willingness to give. At kidVenture Island, we’d love to equip you to have that conversation - check out this PDF for a practical way to help your kid give for the first time.

  3. Do it together

    Have intentional conversations with your kids about what’s important to them and the things they care about and ways that they can live generously through their passions. This could mean looking for opportunities to serve foster families, at animal shelters, or care for the homeless. Take what they are interested in and make a commitment to do it together. Serving together not only impacts the community, but can strengthen your bond as a family.

As parents, we have so many things we want to teach our children before we send them out into the world as adults. One of most important lessons that will carry them into adulthood is how to live a life of generosity. We have the opportunity to impact the future by living generously and living like Jesus! Thank you for taking the opportunity to impact our world by raising children who think of others and give like Jesus.

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