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5 Groups of People with Influence Who Should Be A Part of the 2018 Global Leadership Summit

We each hold influence where we are—in our job, our school, our home, and our community. Every year LCBC has the opportunity to be a host site for the Global Leadership Summit, a 2-day leadership conference where you can join over 445,000 people in experiencing world-class leadership training.

One of the most frequently asked questions about the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) is who should attend. Here are 5 groups of people with influence who should be a part of GLS 2018:

Young Professionals
As a young person taking steps to move forward in your career, whether you’re in an entry-level position or a supervisory role, the perfect time for you to learn the best way to lead is now. Hear from successful GLS faculty who started where you are now, including best-selling author Simon Sinek, Senior Vice President of Apple Retail, Angela Ahrendts, and more.

“Before GLS last year I thought leading was all about being in charge and telling people what to do. Now I see that it is about finding people's strengths and putting them in a position to use them, even when you aren't calling the shots. Simply put, GLS changed my definition of leadership and made me see that even though I am not the boss, I am still a leader. “

-David, Designer at Tait Towers

Seasoned Leaders
To lead others well, you must always be willing to listen and learn. As a seasoned leader, being a part of GLS is a way to take intentional steps to better your leadership so that you can better the mission of your organization. 83% of GLS attendees demonstrate improved teamwork, job satisfaction, and productivity—so don’t forget to bring members of your team along with you!

“As a principal of a high school, the Global Leadership Summit allowed me to learn, reflect, and grow to better transform the lives of the students at my school.”

- Michael, High School Principal

When you become a parent, you take on a huge role—you are raising the future of our world, and there are very few examples of influence more important than that. GLS will equip you with practical ways of teaching, listening, and seeing the world and give you concrete next steps to take in your life that will help you lead your family.

“As a parent, I can get in a rut and begin to believe that my most important roles are those outside my home. But each year the Global Leadership Summit centers me and reminds me of the importance of leading my family well by challenging me not just as an employee, but as a whole person.”

- Tricia, Mom

No matter what you’re passionate about, we all want to make an impact on our world. As a student, you’re at the start of your decision-making journey, and now is the perfect time to surround yourself with great leadership so that you can begin leading right where you are. GLS gives you access to leadership principles and both professional and personal tools to begin your journey toward achieving your goals.

“The Summit is one of the most empowering experiences for a young leader; being called up to the level of global leaders is truly a gift.”

-Tristan, Student

Community Leaders and Volunteers
Whether you’re serving in your church, volunteering at a shelter, or babysitting on the weekends, you have influence with the team you’re a part of, the time you give, and the people you serve. Attending GLS gives you insight on being intentional in your relationships and using your influence to make a difference.

“GLS opened my eyes to the idea that, first of all, leadership is actually about influence, and I have more of it than I realize. Secondly, the best way to influence the young women in my group was by simply showing up, being real with them and creating a safe place for them to be real and belong.”

-Carla, Volunteer Youth Leader

So whether you’re a stay-at-home mom raising two boys, or the CEO of a national corporation, or anyone in between, you have influence that is worth investing in.

The Global Leadership Summit is happening at nine of our twelve LCBC locations this year on August 9 & 10. Register before June 26 for a discount on tickets for you and your team! We can’t wait to see you at GLS!

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