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7 Sweet Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Kids

Valentine’s Day is an especially fun time to have young kids - between the chocolate and candy, handmade valentines, and excuses to dress them up for cute photos, there’s an endless supply of adorable ways to celebrate! Check out 7 of our favorites below, and make sure to spend some time spreading the love with your littles this year.

  1. Make Valentines for Others

    Get crafty and create some handmade valentines for some special people - whether it’s residents in a local retirement home, neighbors on your street, or family members, your kids will have fun gluing and drawing and cutting up paper hearts to add their own flair to each card.

  2. Plan A Fancy Valentine’s Date

    Make up a special dinner menu just for your kids and make sure to include all of their favorite foods - macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, rice krispy treats - you get the picture! Then “make” the meal together and enjoy it in a fancy Valentine’s Day themed setting. Take photos, bring flowers, make it a big deal that they won’t forget!

  3. Write Notes of Affirmation

    Take the opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day all week by writing a daily note to your kids telling them why you love them and leaving it on their door each day to give them a week full of love! Use these Valentines to write sweet notes to your kids!

  4. Countdown to Valentine’s Day

    Advent calendars aren’t just for Christmas! Do a countdown to Valentine’s Day with a calendar featuring little gifts for each day leading up to February 14th and let your kids cross off the dates in anticipation. Have a special treat on the final day!

  5. Go Heart Crazy

    Make as many hearts as you can - out of perler beads, craft paper, play dough, pipe cleaners - and decorate your whole house with hearts! Have fun putting them up, counting them all, and taking them down together.

  6. Go On A Hot Chocolate Date

    Who doesn’t like a good cup of hot chocolate? Head to your favorite café and make it a date - you might even have more than one hot chocolate option to choose from...maybe order them all!

  7. Attend Sweetheart Family Jam Together

    There’s a sweet event coming up that you don’t want to miss! Sweetheart Family Jam is the perfect date night for you and your kids. Save the date for February 24 at 6pm online as we celebrate Valentine’s Day with singing and dancing together. Use these invites to invite your kids and their families to join you!

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