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8 Interest-Based Groups to Join This Semester

The new year brings with it all kinds of changes and opportunities, and one of those opportunities is the chance to grow deeper in your relationship with God and with others by getting in a Group! Groups aren’t only available by life stage, or even by specific studies - did you know you can join a Group based on a range of topics, including hobbies and interests? Check out the Groups starting this semester that center on a common theme or activity that you may not have known existed!

For Music Lovers

Whether you’re a seasoned musician, have a love for music, or just want to learn more about some of the songs we sing at church, check out the online Group LCBC Worship Songs - A "Behind The Scenes" Look where you’ll connect with some of our worship leaders to explore the meaning behind some of our favorite worship songs.

For Sports Fans

What do March Madness and church have in common? Find out by joining the online Men’s March Madness Group, where you can create your own bracket and spend time discussing the week’s matchups as well as the faith journeys of different basketball players. And ladies, while there isn’t an official Women’s Group created yet for March Madness, we’d love for you to lead one! Let us know if you’re interested in starting a Group and we’ll give you all the tools you need to make it happen.

For the Outdoorsy

Nature is one of the most intriguing places to hear from God and experience his creation. If you’re looking to get active this season and spend more time outdoors, there’s a Group for that! Check out the Outdoor Recreation Group and venture out monthly to do fun activities like biking, camping, canoeing, etc. Or join the Women’s Hiking Group to come alongside other women to hike and explore some beautiful areas.

For Cooks

If you love eating, cooking, and learning new ways to do both, you’ll want to check out the Groups available this semester centered around food! Explore the concept of food preservation by joining Cooking with Andy: The Art of Canning and Food Preservation as you dive into research and take part in interactive demonstrations. Or spice up your weekly meals by joining the Group Online Cooking Class as Colleen Travelpiece leads you in cooking simple but yummy recipes that you can use for years to come.

For Dads

Are you a dad, and are you tired? That’s all you need to know to start exploring Dad Tired and Loving It - a Group of husbands and fathers who want to be the best spiritual leaders in their homes. Have honest conversations about fatherhood and learn real and practical ways to be the man that you were created to be.

For Star Wars Fans

Whether you’ve already binge-watched The Mandalorian three times or you’ve been meaning to find the time to start it, The Mandalorian: Seeing Faith in Din Djarin's Journey is the perfect Group for Star Wars lovers everywhere! Watch an episode of The Mandalorian and jump onto a Zoom call each week to discuss the spiritual themes found in the show, and geek out over all the easter eggs, too!

Not feeling inspired by any of these Groups? Head over to the Group Finder and try searching your hobby or interest, or explore all the Groups available at your location and online!

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