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At The Movies 2021 Invite Toolkit

At The Movies is one of our favorite times of the year around LCBC - it’s the series where we get to watch clips from popular films, explore interactive movie scenes in our Atriums, and invite people to join us in learning what movies can teach us about how to live the best life!

If you’ve been looking for a way to invite others to join you for church, At The Movies is the perfect time - who doesn’t love watching movies, and how often do you get to tell someone we’re watching them in church? We hear tons of stories each year of people who got reconnected to church or explored a relationship with Jesus for the first time through At The Movies - don’t pass up an opportunity to be a part of a life change story!

This year, we’re spending the month of September at the movies - so plan to be with us and check out this toolkit as you decide who you’re inviting to join you!

5 Ways to Invite Your Neighbors to ATM

  1. Hand Out Popcorn with Invite Stickers
    Go door-to-door, or leave a treat on your neighbor’s doorstep - who doesn’t love popcorn (the pre-popped kind!)? Add on an At The Movies invite sticker (make your own out of printable invites, or grab an invite sticker at your LCBC location) and you’ve officially sent an invitation!

  2. Host an At The Movies Movie Night
    Who doesn’t love a neighborhood movie night? Whether you use your living room television or put up a sheet on the side of a house, invite your neighbors to join you in watching At The Movies online each week. Add snacks and games, and it’s a party!

  3. Create Sidewalk Chalk Invitations
    Grab the best artist in your family, some sidewalk chalk, and get drawing! Use fun art styles, fonts, and invite language (you could even try to mimic this year’s At The Movies design!) to invite your neighbors to At The Movies this year. The best part of these invites is that they’ll last - until it rains, at least, and then have fun doing it again! Make sure to include!

  4. Decorate Popcorn Balls
    Popcorn and movies is a classic pairing - so take a unique spin on it and create your own popcorn balls to hand out to neighbors this year and give a personal invitation to At The Movies. You can even share the recipe with them and invite them to come over and make some with you before the movie begins!

  5. Invite Your Delivery Drivers
    Here’s an easy way to say thank you and invite some of the most important people who frequent your neighborhood - your delivery drivers! Leave a box of candy and a bottle of water along with an invitation at At The Movies on your front porch, and try to say hi as they stop by to leave your packages, too.

5 Ways to Invite Your Coworkers to ATM

  1. Leave Candy on Desks
    Be the person everyone loves in the office and leave some candy on the desks of your coworkers with an invite to At The Movies! Go the extra mile by discovering the favorite candy choices of everyone and surprise them before they get in for the day!

  2. Iconic Movie Poster
    Decorate your space with an iconic movie poster that doubles as an invite! We’ve created a printable poster that you can use to hang in your office area to engage your coworkers and invite them to be a part of At The Movies this year.

  3. Friday Lunch Movie
    Encourage your office to spend a Friday eating lunch together and watching a movie! Use it as a conversation starter about what kind of movies everyone likes, and then let them know they can watch movie clips in church and interact with life-sized movie scenes by joining you for At The Movies this September at LCBC!

  4. Use Social Shareables
    It’s never been easier to invite a coworker to At The Movies - and to make it even easier, we’ve created these social shareables for you to download and drop into an email, Slack channel, or in your coworker text thread!

  5. Grab Extra Invites
    On the weekend at your LCBC location, take a few seconds to grab extra invites that you can hand out in the office or leave in the break room for others to grab.

5 Ways Your Kids + Students Can Invite Friends to ATM

  1. Color-Your-Own-Invites
    Download and print these fun invites that your kids can color and attach to popcorn to invite friends and family to At The Movies - it’s a unique way to get creative and make personal invites!

  2. Send Candy Boxes to School
    Attach invites to candy boxes and send them to school with your child or student to give to their friends and classmates.

  3. Host A Sleepover
    Have your kid or student invite their close friends over for a sleepover at your house - you can even go all out and make the sleepover movie themed! Then bring all the kids along with you to church the next day to experience At The Movies. Our kids and students will be having a ton of fun in their environments too!

  4. Set Up A Lemonade Stand
    This is a fun way for your kids to make some extra change and invite neighbors and friends to At The Movies! Set up a lemonade stand, and attach an invitation to every cup of lemonade sold.

  5. Text Collide Invites
    If you’re in Grades 5-8, we have textable Collide invites created for you to send to your friends! Download yours and text or DM them to your friends to invite them to At The Movies.

As you’re thinking about who to invite this year, remember you can use all of our digital invites to send via text or email on - you’ll also find instructions there on how to save and send them. And while you’re planning, check out this article on 3 Ways to Make Your ATM Invite Intentional this year.

We’ll see you (and your friends and family!) At The Movies!

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