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Summer 2021 Bucket List

Summer is nearly here, and especially this year, we want to make the most of it! Whether you’re trying to find fun things to do with your preschooler, looking for memorable date night ideas, or just planning to fill up your calendar with activities to do with friends, we’ve got tons of ideas that you can sift through to make up your perfect Summer 2021 Bucket List!

Spend Time Outdoors

  • Spend a day gardening
  • Attend an Outdoor Acoustic Worship Night at LCBC
  • Be a part of a 5k Fun Run
  • Scout out yard sales
  • Camp in your backyard
  • Attend a minor league baseball game
  • Go fruit-picking
  • Play some mini-golf
  • Head to your local pool for the day
  • Enjoy music in the park

Spend Time Indoors

  • Hit up a museum or aquarium
  • Spend a night playing video games (students - teach your parents how to play your favorite game!)
  • Have a puzzle night
  • Find a local arcade and bring lots of coins
  • Go bowling - be really competitive!
  • Host a board game night

For the Food & Drink Connoisseur

  • Go on a “Brunch Crawl” - get different elements of brunch at different places around your closest city!
  • Order in pizza from all the local pizza places and decide which is the best
  • Go to a food truck night
  • Plan a neighborhood picnic
  • Have a movie night with a “popcorn bar” - think lots of toppings
  • Have a family baking competition
  • Plan a day to try all totally new foods

Go On An Adventure

  • Road trip to somewhere you’ve never been (near or far away!)
  • Do a beach day trip
  • Go hiking - try to find a waterfall
  • Visit every park in a county in one day
  • Go geocaching around town
  • Spend a day at a theme park

Stay On A Budget

  • Collect items you already have and build a time capsule
  • Go watch the sunrise (or sunset)
  • Stay out a little late and catch fireflies
  • Go thrifting!
  • Attend the 2021 LCBC Motorsports Show (it’s free!)
  • Feed the ducks at the park
  • Picnic at a creek

Serve Others

  • Organize a neighborhood clean-up day
  • Walk someone’s dog for them
  • Offer to do yard work for an elderly friend or neighbor
  • Make cards to drop off at a nursing home
  • Write and mail letters of appreciation to others
  • Run a free local car wash


  • Visit a Museum, Aquarium, or Zoo
  • Campout in your backyard
  • Spend a day serving your neighbors
  • Pick fruit as a family
  • Family gardening day
  • Watch Summer Family Jam online at LCBC
  • Run a lemonade stand
  • Host a neighborhood scavenger hunt
  • Have a Tech-free day
  • Make and bury a family time capsule
  • Spend a night catching fireflies
  • Picnic at a park with friends or family
  • Spend the day at the playground
  • Buy or create an outdoor slip n slide
  • Celebrate moving up a grade with Summer Kick Off at LCBC the first week of June
  • Go to an Outdoor Acoustic Worship Night this summer!

What will your Summer 2021 Bucket List look like? Share it with us by posting your list on social media and tagging @LCBCchurch. Here’s to a fun-filled summer!

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