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Thanksgiving 2020 Toolkit

No matter what your typical Thanksgiving may look like, chances are Thanksgiving 2020 is going to be unique. That may mean different dinner plans, different conversations over turkey and mashed potatoes or different traditions to try. Some of those changes you may welcome and others may have you feeling disappointed.

You may be planning to spend the day at home with just a few friends or maybe you’re able to attend a family gathering. Whatever your holiday plans, let this Thanksgiving toolkit prepare your heart to be grateful to God and to find joy in this unprecedented season.

The Week Before Thanksgiving

  • 4 Thanksgiving Ideas to Try This Year
  • The idea that your annual Thanksgiving traditions won’t be able to be kept this year can be upsetting. Consider trying a new tradition to add a little joy to your holiday - even if it’s for just one year. It can be as simple as a walk in the morning, changing your menu up or adding a theme to your attire. Online only options included!

  • 5-Day Grateful to God Bible Reading Plan
  • Life is full of challenges and setbacks as well as joys and triumphs. No matter what’s going on in your life right now, ground yourself in these 5 characteristics of God that we can give thanks for every day.

Thanksgiving Eve

Thanksgiving Day

  • Gratitude Playlist
  • Listen to our worship playlist on your gratitude walk, while you’re cooking or simply while you’re getting ready. Spend time remember focusing on God’s goodness on Thanksgiving Day!

  • Practice Being Thankful
  • Check out these 11 ideas on how to practice gratitude as a family or even as a group of friends. From a gratitude pumpkin to a high five challenge, add an activity to remind your friends and family of how much you appreciate each other.

However you end up spending Thanksgiving 2020, we hope you have a safe and blessed holiday. If you’re in need of prayer during this season, we’d love to pray for you. Contact us online or through the LCBC app.

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