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Top 5 LCBC Messages on Mental Health

As we continue to prioritize the importance of mental health, we know that one of the most helpful steps is to dive into quality resources. We’ve pulled together 5 LCBC messages that will give insight, encouragement, and direction when it comes to intersecting our faith with our mental health.

In the Meantime | When Purpose Hides

When we're in the space between what we hope God will do and what he actually does, it can be easy to fall into fear and anxiety. But our God has a plan–and the meantime is when we can lean on what we know is true about his plan for us.

Walking Through Depression and Anxiety | Asking for A Friend

Depression and anxiety are becoming more and more common in our society, and knowing how to navigate mental health in ourselves and others can be especially crucial. God knows our struggles even better than we do, and he knows how to walk through them with us if we’re willing to reach out.

The Shame Cycle | God Knows Your Story & He’s Not Mad

We've all experienced shame in our lives. But the reality is that God isn't the one keeping us in the shame cycle—we are. And when we fully realize that he isn't mad at us, we can accept that he's madly in love with us.

Dealing with Anxiety | The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The holidays can be stressful for a lot of reasons, but adding to that stress can be the anxiety that creeps up in us that time of year. Anxiety is the most common mood disorder out there—so how do we combat the burden of carrying it around with us?

The Armour of God | Invisible War

When we find ourselves prone to anxiety and anguish, we identify with the lies more than the truth. But God is in our corner, and when we take small, righteous steps, we can know that we are inside of his will. And when we put on the full armour of God, we can be prepared for the battle.

For more information on mental health, check out our Mental Health Resources or feel free to start the conversation with us about mental health.

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