Weekend Recap - Head Games | Lives Changed By Christ · LCBC Church

Recapping the weekend message in 10 tweets.

  1. Knowing when God is speaking—and when he’s not speaking—is crucial in the conversations we have with ourselves #HeadGames
  2. When God speaks we expect a booming voice, but often his voice is the sound of a gentle whisper #HeadGames
  3. God still speaks into our lives today #HeadGames
  4. We need to learn and recognize the voice of God #HeadGames
  5. “Your own ears will hear me” Isaiah 30:21 #HeadGames
  6. Satan speaks with lies #HeadGames
  7. Once a son or daughter of God, always a son or daughter of God #HeadGames
  8. There are 3 filters to determine what voice we’re hearing: the Bible, natural wisdom, and Godly counsel #HeadGames
  9. God wants to be in all the crucial conversations in our heads #HeadGames
  10. We must strive to intentionally become more and more aware of God’s voice #HeadGames

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