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Marriage*, Week 4

  1. Everything about us has been specially made by God (Psalm 139:13) #LCBCchurch
  2. Making a marriage work does not depend solely on recognizing our differences, but appreciating those differences #LCBCchurch
  3. Men focus on achievements, women focus on relationships #LCBCchurch
  4. A wife needs to be cherished, known, and understood #LCBCchurch
  5. A wife needs to feel validated and accepted #LCBCchurch
  6. A wife needs to be respected #LCBCchurch
  7. A husband needs to be admired #LCBCchurch
  8. A husband needs his autonomy—when under pressure, he needs space #LCBCchurch
  9. A husband needs shared activities to build emotional intimacy #LCBCchurch
  10. By becoming relational companions, you might discover that you’re not just husband and wife, but best friends #LCBCchurch

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