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Marriage*, Week 6

  1. Marriage thrives when the soul is nourished #LCBCchurch
  2. We will never discover the perfect person for us—they don’t exist #LCBCchurch
  3. Soulmates aren’t found, they’re made #LCBCchurch
  4. “The two are united as one. Now the man and his wife were both naked, but they felt no shame.” -Genesis 2:24-25 #LCBCchurch
  5. Soulmates are seen, safe, and one #LCBCchurch
  6. Our spouse should feel safe enough to show their true self without shame and always share their emotions #LCBCchurch
  7. Connect with your spouse socially by cutting your social calendar in half and doubling your dates #LCBCchurch
  8. Share what you care about with your spouse and tell them your hopes and dreams #LCBCchurch
  9. You can’t be soulmates if your soul’s not right—to be one with your spouse you must connect spiritually #LCBCchurch
  10. We keep praying for God to fix our marriage when we should be praying for him to fix our heart #LCBCchurch

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