Weekend Recap - No Easy… | Lives Changed By Christ · LCBC Church

Recapping the weekend message in 10 tweets.

  1. Our internal struggles can keep us from fully following Jesus #NoEasyJesus
  2. Fear is worry of the future—shame is holding onto the past; when we let them control us, we can’t move forward #NoEasyJesus
  3. "But if you say so, Jesus, I will do it." Luke 5:4-5 #NoEasyJesus
  4. Jesus will send you back into the same waters you came from—but this time, he will be by your side #NoEasyJesus
  5. God will call you into scary situations, but he will never call you into dangerous ones #NoEasyJesus
  6. What would you be willing to do if you had absolute assurance that God is with you? #NoEasyJesus
  7. Then Jesus told him, “Follow me.” John 21:19 #NoEasyJesus
  8. There is nothing you have done that disqualifies you from following Jesus today #NoEasyJesus
  9. Will you choose to follow Jesus today like it’s the very first time? #NoEasyJesus
  10. Never settle for the easy Jesus—follow the best Jesus #NoEasyJesus

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