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Recapping the weekend message in 10 tweets.

  1. Hosea isn’t a story about what we would do, it’s a story about what God does #LCBCchurch
  2. God loves deeply and he hurts deeply—he has feelings #LCBCchurch
  3. God never gives up on us #LCBCchurch
  4. God is devising ways to bring you back to him #LCBCchurch
  5. God may provide thorn bushes or take back necessities to allow us to experience the valley of trouble #LCBCchurch
  6. It’s never God’s plan to force us to turn back to him—it’s always our choice #LCBCchurch
  7. Often when we’ve turned away from God, we don’t even know it #LCBCchurch
  8. When life is hard, ask, “Could it be that the circumstances in my life are a part of God’s plan to turn me back to him?” #LCBCchurch
  9. God’s not looking for part of our heart—he wants it all #LCBCchurch
  10. "However, those the Father has given me will come to me, and I will never reject them.” John 6:37 #LCBCchurch

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