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Recapping the weekend message in 10 tweets.

  1. God paid a ransom to save us—to buy us back #LCBCchurch
  2. “And the ransom paid was not mere gold or silver. It was the precious blood of Christ” 1 Peter 1:18-19 #LCBCchurch
  3. When we are ransomed, we are adopted into God’s family #LCBCchurch
  4. When we are ransomed, we are forgiven of our sins #LCBCchurch
  5. When we are ransomed, we are given eternal life through Jesus #LCBCchurch
  6. When we are ransomed, we are offered righteousness—a right relationship with God #LCBCchurch
  7. When we are ransomed, we have peace with God #LCBCchurch
  8. When we are ransomed, the Holy Spirit lives within us #LCBCchurch
  9. “Return to the Lord your God, for your sins have brought you down” Hosea 14:1 #LCBCchurch
  10. Let those who are wise understand these things—the paths of the Lord are true and right, and righteous people live by walking in them -Hosea 14:9 #LCBCchurch

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