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Recapping the weekend message in 10 tweets.

  1. In our walk with Jesus, we graduate to making decisions based on what is wise and what is unwise #LCBCchurch
  2. God created us…we were set apart -Jeremiah 1:5 #LCBCchurch
  3. Only one thing is necessary, and that is our relationship with God -Luke 10:39-42 #LCBCchurch
  4. We should gather wisdom from our personal experiences and the experiences of others #LCBCchurch
  5. God’s commandments and testimonies give us insight and make us wise -Psalm 119:98-100 #LCBCchurch
  6. The Holy Spirit will not leave us as orphans #LCBCchurch
  7. Use SOAP to guide your time with God: scripture, observation, application, prayer #LCBCchurch
  8. Strive for the kind of faith that makes the prophets in the Bible your best friends #LCBCchurch
  9. All scripture is God-breathed #LCBCchurch
  10. We will be transformed if we read God’s Word with an open heart #LCBCchurch

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