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What to Expect: Reopening In-Person kidVenture Island and Collide

We can't wait to welcome your child in-person to kidVenture Island and Collide! Please read the following details to help us prepare for your arrival.

What Environments are open for kids + Students?
kidVenture Island will be open for every gathering offered at all locations. Collide is available at select locations and gatherings. Locations and times are available on our location pages.

Do I need to pre-register? At this time, you do not need to register your child to attend a gathering. Our staff and volunteers are excited to greet you when you arrive!

Are masks required? All volunteers, staff and kids (Kindergarten and above) will be required to wear a mask while in the building at all times. If you are unable or unwilling to wear a mask we would love for you to engage with us OnlineWe strongly encourage 2-5-year olds to wear masks.

kidVenture Island


Will you do temperature screenings? We will do temperature checks on all staff, volunteers, kids, and students who are checking into any of our LCBC environments. If someone has a temperature at or above 100.4 we will retest them after they rest for a few minutes. If a child has a fever even after a recheck is done, for everyone’s safety, they will be unable to attend any gathering, even if they are not exhibiting other symptoms. We will provide you with information on accessing our Online Gathering.

How will Check-In work? We will have an area where kids and students will be checked in together. First, we will do a quick temperature check. If their temperature is fine, our team will check-in all of your kids and you will receive their nametags. If you have a Collide student, please stay with them until they go through the check-in process. If you have a baby or child attending kidVenture Island, we ask that one parent drop them off and pick them up at their environment door.

What time will Check-In open? Check in will open 20 minutes prior to the start of each gathering.

How will you encourage social distancing? While we know that social distancing can be challenging for kids and students, we will do our best to model behaviors and set up programming to encourage social distancing but we can’t guarantee or ensure that all kids will follow it at all times.

What is your cleaning protocol? We will be sanitizing frequently touched surfaces like doors, equipment, countertops and toys before and after each gathering. We will have hand sanitizer available throughout the gathering spaces. We will also remind kids to regularly sanitize, particularly after utilizing any restrooms.

Will there be food in the environments? At this time, we will not have any food in the gathering and we are asking that no food is brought from home as well (with the exception of a bottle for babies in Sunrise Pointe). Students could win prizes to take home, but we will ask them not to eat in our environments.

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