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At The Movies

Weekends in July

Join us starting July 6/7/8 as we transform our building into a life-size interactive movie scene, watch movies you loved in theaters, and hear how they can teach us a better way to live.
We’ll see you At The Movies!

Walk into a movie scene

Each of our locations is decked out to mirror real-life versions of scenes from some of your favorite movies. You'll feel front and center to the action with familiar characters, set build-outs, and interactive experiences.

Films everyone's talking about

We'll be watching clips from some of the most popular current films of today. We can't tell you what we're showing, but we can guarantee they'll be a range of films that have something for everyone.

Messages that hit home

You probably don't usually look to movies for life lessons, but take our word for it—sit back, relax, and hear a different perspective on how popular films can tell us how to live the best life.

Times + Locations

LCBC is one church with multiple locations across Pennsylvania.
Find times and directions for the location closest to you.

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Still curious what you're getting into?

Check out #LCBCAtTheMovies on Instagram to see what we've done
in previous years and get a feel for At The Movies 2019!