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  1. Bible Reading
  2. Book by Book: John to Revelation

Day 87

Revelation 19 and 20

Revelation is written by John, who also wrote the books named after him. He writes during a time when Christians are being persecuted. In fact, John has been arrested and exiled to an island in the Mediterranean. While there, God shows him many visions. Differences of opinion exist on how to understand these visions, but one overall message is clear: no matter how dark things get, God is still in charge, and Jesus will be the ultimate victor.

Earlier chapters in Revelation portray God’s judgment against an evil world that has rejected Him. These chapters tell of the return of Christ to the earth. This time he comes as King of kings and Lord of lords. There is a day coming when Christ will reign on earth in ways that are visible to everyone. Those who trust in Him can look forward to that day! 

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