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Day 46


Care for Needy

Paul is going to stop in Corinth on his way to Jerusalem, and he wants the Corinthians to have money ready for the church in Jerusalem. Back in 2 Corinthians 8:4, the money is described as “relief.” For some reason, the Christians in Jerusalem were suffering financially. Paul wants the Corinthians to cheerfully send them some money and promises God will reward them for their generosity.
There are good examples to follow here. We frequently hear of needs, but can sometimes struggle to know what to do. The Corinthians were encouraged to plan their giving and not respond based on emotional appeals. If we don’t build generosity into our spending plan, we will not give when we should. They gave to people they trusted. When we hear of a need caused by a crisis in a distant location, it is wise to give to an organization in that area with a reputation for serving people in the name of Jesus. It is also good to remember that we can’t out-give God.

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