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Bible Reading

The Bible challenges us to know God and see ourselves in his Word

Why Read The Bible?

Our deepest relationships are those that we invest the most time in. Being intentional about reading God’s Word means that we’re setting aside time to hear from him and understand what he wants for our lives. By taking the time each day to read and reflect on what he has to say, we can make being in a relationship with God a daily part our lives.

Plans to Follow

Use or download the YouVersion Bible App to follow along with our quarterly Bible Reading Plans and to find more plans you can use to read the Bible each day.

Bible Reading Plans

Mothers of the Bible

Mothers are amazing. God created women with a specific purpose and plan in mind, and throughout scripture, we find story after story of God using women to accomplish great things. Learn more about a few of these biblical women.

Step by Step: Walk with Jesus on Holy Week

Walk step-by-step with Jesus during the events, emotions, and places he felt each day leading up to Easter, and beyond.

Daily New Testament: Quarter 2

This plan will take us through the entire New Testament in one year, and
includes one Gospel each quarter. Weekends can be used to catch up on readings or for reflection, and notes are included on the web or Bible App to assist with understanding. We hope you enjoy reading along with us!

The Road to Generosity

What does it look like to give more of our time, our finances, our energy and heart. Dive into this 7 Day Bible Reading Plan to see what the Bible and Jesus himself teaches us about how that looks, and how our lives will change for the better when we commit to living a life of generosity.

The Lost Ones: Luke 15

There’s more to the story behind our search to find "The One" than you may think. Check out this 3-Day Bible Reading Plan that breaks down each of the three Lost Ones Jesus teaches us about in Luke 15.

All In | A Baptism Bible Reading Plan

Thinking about getting baptized, or just wondering what it's all about? Start here! In this 5-day plan, you'll learn all about what Baptism means and if it's the best next step for you in your relationship with Jesus.

The Meaning Behind the Beatitudes

Maybe you're very familiar with the Beatitudes, or maybe you've only heard of them—either way, these sayings from Jesus hold a lot of truth and lead up to the promise of salvation. This 5-Day Bible Reading Plan explores the Beatitudes and the meaning behind them.

Daily New Testament: Quarter 1

This is the first quarter of a plan to read the entire New Testament in one year. One Gospel is included in each quarter Weekends can be used to reflect on or memorize a key verse. Notes are also included to assist with understanding.

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