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David Ashcraft Announces Senior Pastor Transition

Posted on January 17, 2022

During the weekend gatherings on November 20/21/22, 2021, we had a family meeting where our Senior Pastor, David Ashcraft, talked about the fact that he believes now is the time for a transition in the leadership at LCBC. Watch the full gathering at LCBCchurch.com/Sermons.

Thirty-one years ago, God brought David and Ruth to Pennsylvania from Texas to lead a little church of 150 people that eventually became LCBC. Never did they dream it would become what it has become today. And never did they believe that LCBC was theirs – they simply believed that God was graciously allowing them to lead here – and they are constantly thanking God for the privilege of serving at LCBC.

But now they believe God is saying to them that it’s time for a transition and for a new season for LCBC. Following God’s nudging and prompts, David will be transitioning out of the position of Senior Pastor into a new role at LCBC at the end of November 2022.

About 10 years ago, David was challenged by business leader Jim Collins to make sure that LCBC was better once he was gone than when he was here. And since then, that has been his mission, to make sure that LCBC will be better when he’s gone than when he’s here.

And now David believes LCBC is ready for him to begin transitioning out of his role as Senior Pastor.

As David shared –

“You need to know that this transition will not be easy for me and Ruth! You are our family! I have no hobbies – and for the past 31 years our lives have been all about our family of Justin and Ashleigh, and our LCBC family.

As Ruth and I were debriefing after the weekend announcement, Ruth said that while driving to church on Saturday evening it felt as though she were driving to a funeral. I said I felt the same way, but for me it felt like I was driving to my own funeral! This is tough!

But, as difficult as this transition may feel, I know this is the right time to begin making this change.

Because of experiencing God’s leading and his nudges and his peace in this matter, I know this is the right time. Because we have strong, stable, and seasoned leaders guiding our Board of Elders and leading our staff, I know this is the right time. Because we are financially stable - and even debt free - and because we have great plans to expand with new locations in the near future and many more reasons, I believe this is the right time to begin the transition.

But the final reason I believe this is the time for the transition is because my replacement is ready. And after spending the past 8 years working through a development plan to strengthen him as a communicator, as well as both a business leader and a spiritual leader, it is therefore both my recommendation, and it is the recommendation of the LCBC Board of Elders, that Jason Mitchell become our Senior Pastor at the end of next November.”

David emphasized that this is a decision not based on him being ready to retire – instead, this is a decision based on the fact that Jason is prepared and ready to lead. Jason has been on LCBC’s staff for 19 years, and David has had a front row seat watching his growth and development, and he’s excited about Jason leading our church into the future.

During a vote on the weekend of December 11/12/13, 2021, LCBC Partners voted to affirm Jason Mitchell as the incoming Senior Pastor with a 99% approval rating.

“On behalf of the LCBC Board of Elders, we are deeply grateful for David and his wife Ruth’s faithful leadership and the ways they have served and led with integrity, humility, and a heart for others over the past 31 years,” said LCBC Church Elder Board Chairman Kevin Lorah. “And we are confident in God’s leading, and in our thorough Succession Team process, that the timing for this transition is right and that Jason Mitchell is the best person to continue leading our church towards our mission of introducing people to Jesus and together fully following him.”

We’re looking forward to all that God is going to continue to do through our church in the future!

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