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Important Update: Pause of In-Person Gatherings

Posted on December 11, 2020

LCBC Family and Friends,

If you’ve been around our church for any length of time you know that one of our core values is focusing on others. In fact, we believe in focusing on others so much so that we frequently set aside our preferences if it means we can better reach and serve the needs of others.

As we look at the recent developments surrounding COVID-19, it’s clear that there is a significant spike in cases and deaths and our healthcare facilities are bumping up against their capacities. We’ve also seen a decline in in-person attendance, suggesting many of you are taking additional precautions at this time. Also, the rise in cases and exposures outside of LCBC, has impacted the availability of our volunteers and it’s becoming increasingly challenging to have the necessary number of volunteers needed to lead our in-person gatherings.

Through much prayer and conversation and the desire to care for our community, LCBC’s Board of Elders and the Strategic Leadership Team have decided to pause our in-person gatherings and move all gatherings online starting this weekend, December 12/13/14. Watch this video for additional details.

Pausing our in-person gatherings isn’t our preference, but we do believe it’s the right response in this moment as we focus on others and caring for our community. We know the church isn’t about the building - it’s about you and me loving others and pointing people to Jesus. Continue to join us for our adult, kids and student online gatherings each week.

LCBC, I love you and I look forward to seeing you online this weekend as we continue our series Mistaken.


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