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LCBC Update: 4 Ways to Thrive in This New Reality

Posted on March 31, 2020

A message from David Ashcraft

Dear LCBC Family and Friends,

As we are now into our third week of lockdown and working from home, I just want to give you a heads up that though our offices are closed and all on-site activities and gatherings have been suspended until April 30, LCBC Church is still alive and well and even thriving during these turbulent times.

You have been tuning in to our weekend gatherings in record numbers. And we continue to hear story after story of people being invited to join our gatherings – people who would never have considered stepping into any of our buildings, but they are tuning in to LCBC Church Online.

Add to that the thousands of you who are taking advantage of our online programming for kids, students, and young adults and those of you who are joining a Group for the very first time (go to to learn more) – LCBC is truly alive and thriving these days!

So as you are working through the tensions of this new reality – juggling the demands of work and family and all the uncertainties surrounding the future – don’t do life alone. LCBC is not buildings – LCBC is a group of people doing life together. So be sure to take advantage of all the opportunities we have as a church to walk through these unsettling times together.

While participating in a webinar last week with psychologist Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. Cloud affirmed how challenging it is to live in lockdown and with social distancing. He described four reasons why we are feeling so challenged right now – maybe even feeling anxious and fearful.

First, you and I are designed and wired by God to live in relationships – we need to feel connected, and when we are not connecting with others we begin to feel lost.

Second, we need structure and routine. This crisis has blown all of our existing structures out of the water – again leaving us feeling lost. So start building structure back into your life. Have a routine. Give your kids the gift of a routine and graciously have them follow it.

Third, you and I are wired to be in control – deep down we are all control freaks. However, it feels as though we have lost all control – we can’t even make basic choices – like going to work, to the gym, to eat out, to the movies, or to the store. This loss of control results in feelings of helplessness. Rather than feeling helpless, write a to-do list of what you can control and do those things. At the end of each day we’ll have a sense of accomplishment and know that we chose to do something that mattered.

Finally, God is bigger than this crisis. Remember that God is doing something bigger than what we can see. And remember that God has brought people through times of crisis before. Instead of pushing back from God, now is the time to lean in closer and closer to God each and every day.

This week, overcome your anxieties and fear by connecting with others online, building a daily routine, controlling what you can control, and leaning in to God.

This weekend is Palm Sunday – and as is our tradition, we will be taking Communion together in our gatherings. But this time it’s up to you to bring the bread and the drink. Have your bread and drink ready for everyone in your household before the gathering begins - then we’ll all eat and drink together.  

In less than two weeks comes Easter – and we’ll be celebrating together the fact that Jesus is alive. Online gatherings begin on Friday evening at 7pm and continue through Monday evening.  

Make plans now to join us online Easter weekend. Then send an invitation and a link to our gatherings to a friend or family member who you’ve been waiting for just the right moment to invite – because now is the right moment!

See you (and your bread and drink) this weekend,


PS – Be sure to turn off the TV and that constant news feed – do we really need to have up-to-the-minute updates on this virus?

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