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LCBC Update: Not Just Surviving

Posted on April 14, 2020

A message from David Ashcraft

Dear LCBC Family and Friends – 

To say the least this was a very different Easter – but in spite of all of its abnormalities – our best guesstimate is that between 30,000-35,000 people participated in our Easter gatherings – truly amazing!  

To be honest, when we were first told we needed to “shelter-at-home,” I entered into this season simply asking God to help our church survive. But now, four weeks in, my prayers have moved from simple survival to now asking God for more people to become lives changed by Christ than we ever would have imagined possible! 

So I’m excited to be hearing story after story of people tuning in to our gatherings that never before would have entered into one of our buildings. Brad shared how his former college roommate Bill - an atheist/agnostic all of his life - texted and said he was watching an LCBC Easter gathering online. Jason told of a friend who also describes himself as an atheist and yet accepted an invitation to watch LCBC online.  

God is up to more than we could ever dream or imagine in the midst of COVID-19! And so much of what God is doing involves relationships.

With all our religious activities stripped away – now we have the freedom to focus on our relationship with God simply by talking and listening to him on a daily – even a moment by moment - basis.   

I’m enjoying hearing stories of how we are connecting with each other in creative and unconventional ways. Five-year-old Chelsea – who attends LCBC Ephrata with her family - was missing church and seeing her friend Grace. To Chelsea’s surprise – her group leader Tara made special arrangements for Chelsea and Grace to connect – because our relationships with each other matter.

And the way you all are reaching out into our communities is inspiring! Our Lebanon location has reached out and prayed with the mayor of the city and the superintendent of the school district. LCBC Lancaster City arranged for our Easter gatherings to be viewed at the Lancaster County Prison.

Perhaps our greatest impact in our communities comes when each of us reaches out to the individuals who live around us. So don’t wait for some big serving opportunity to come along before reaching out. Instead, let’s ask God to show us how we can serve our neighbors – remember - see a need, meet a need – and this week let’s each reach out (again) to two neighbors! 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we would come through this pandemic stronger as a church – and stronger individually in our relationships with God, with each other, and with our communities!

It is so good to not be going through this experience alone – but rather to be going through this with each of you – and I am praying that we can all say that we are all lives that are truly being changed by Christ!

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend,


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