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Introducing People to Jesus Throughout Our State

We’re so excited to celebrate all that we’ve seen God do through ONE LIFE over the past three years. But we believe there is still more to come and more people to reach throughout Pennsylvania.

Our goal is to raise $5-8 million in order to help us reach our state through three new efforts: LCBC West Shore, LCBC Lebanon, and Digital Initiatives.

One Life West Shore

West Shore - $5 million

As we’ve surveyed potential new LCBC locations, we’ve found an opportunity in the Mechanicsburg region, across the Susquehanna River from LCBC Harrisburg. A group of people from our Harrisburg location are transferring and mobilizing to lead the Staff and volunteer efforts at this new location, which will launch in the Silver Spring Elementary School while we search for a permanent home.

The West Shore has a target area of approximately 290,000 people and is currently in one of the fastest growing counties in the state. We hope to use commitments from this two-year initiative to help secure and renovate a permanent location for LCBC West Shore following its launch for Christmas Eve gatherings in December of 2018.

One Life Lebanon

Lebanon - $1 million

We’ve had the opportunity to develop a relationship with Tabor Church in downtown Lebanon, PA, which has been a part of the community in Lebanon for over two centuries. Over the past several years, Tabor Church’s attendance has been declining due to an aging congregation, and their leadership had been looking for a church that would be able to continue to impact the community. We’re excited and honored that Tabor would choose to donate their building to LCBC and we look forward to serving the Lebanon area.

There is a target population of approximately 123,000 people in the communities in and surrounding Lebanon, and we believe by utilizing this building to launch a new LCBC location we will have the opportunity to reach people in the Lebanon area for Jesus.

The building is a traditional church in an urban setting, and we’re excited about the unique opportunity we have to create an environment where we can lean into the traditional architecture while still creating an LCBC experience. In order to make the building work for a new location, we’ll be investing in audio, video, and lighting technology as well as additional restrooms and facility renovations. We hope to launch LCBC Lebanon with Christmas Eve gatherings in December of 2018.

Digital Initiatives - $1.5 million

As a church, we want to use every tool we can to continue to reach people where they are, and as the world changes, digital tools have become an important part of that mission. There are three key Digital Initiatives that we believe will help us reach new people in new communities: Live Streaming and TV Apps, Digital Promotions, and a new LCBC Mobile App.

One Life Streaming

Live Streaming and TV Apps

Live Streaming and TV App platforms will provide improved distribution and easier access to our weekend gathering live stream, video on-demand content from past weekend series, and LIFE Group curriculum. For people near an LCBC location, these platforms remove a barrier and allow them to experience our church before ever having to walk through our doors. And for people who don’t currently have an LCBC location near them, these platforms make it possible for them to experience and engage with our church. The analytics provided by the platforms allow us to discover pockets and communities of high viewership, which will help us identify the best areas for future LCBC locations. The TV Apps enable anyone to create an LCBC experience in their home. These home-based LCBC groups provide a unique opportunity to reach rural communities and have the potential to grow into a location similar to how our Coal Township location started.

One Life Digital Promotions

Digital Promotions

Our goal is to create and deliver content and targeted promotions that are helpful, encouraging, and point people to Jesus. We’ll create and package bite-sized and long-form content that can be posted to social media channels, video platforms, podcast channels, and topic-specific web pages and articles on our website. Through targeted paid promotions on social media and Google search results, we can raise awareness of our existing locations, support launches in new communities, and provide relevant content to help people take the best next step in their faith journey.

One Life App

The LCBC Mobile App

The goal is to deliver a significantly improved LCBC Mobile App to provide a personalized experience that helps each person become a more fully devoted follower of Jesus. The app will provide daily encouragement and opportunities for people to strengthen their faith by engaging in helpful spiritual disciplines including Bible reading, prayer, and personalized next steps. The new app experience will also continue to support key features including: fill-in-the-blank notes, weekend check-in, event registration, weekend message archive, and online giving.

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