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Continuing To Reach Our State

Through God’s faithfulness and the continued generosity to our ONE LIFE initiative, we’ve seen six locations across our state open their doors and impact their communities by introducing people to Jesus. Below you’ll find a recap of what’s been happening at each of these locations.

One Life Berks

Berks - Leesport, PA

  • Launched December 2015
  • 500 average weekly attendance in 2018
  • 17% increase in last 12 months

Location Update

Three years ago, we entered into a lease for our location in Leesport as a way to quickly and efficiently have a location up and running in Berks County. Today, we are thriving in that location and LCBC Berks is continuing to impact their community. We have decided to execute the option we’ve had to purchase the building in Leesport and make a long-term commitment to this location. We believe there are also future location opportunities for us in Berks County as we seek to continue to introduce people to Jesus in that region.

One Life Shannon

A Guide To New Life

“Before I trusted Jesus I thought I could live my life without having to form a relationship with him. I chose to live for myself although I knew who God was. During my junior year in high school my church was taking a winter trip to a camp in upstate New York. On this trip God introduced me to Jaime. At chapel that week the pastor invited anyone who trusted Jesus to come on stage. I remember being nervous but having my new friend Jaime encouraging me to change my life. That was the day I got saved and God changed my life forever.

I always kept in touch with Jaime, and when I moved to PA, I told her I couldn’t find a church. She and her husband guided me to LCBC. Since attending I’ve learned that loving God isn’t a feeling, but an action. Since trusting Jesus I receive peace and love in my heart that I’ve been trying to get from people and worldly things. I’ve been able to forgive others more easily. My life has started to make more sense since trusting God.”

-Shannon Webber

One Life Waynesboro

Waynesboro - Waynesboro, PA

  • Launched June 2016
  • 407 average weekly attendance in 2018
  • 5% increase in last 12 months

Location Update

Our focus is to create engaging environments where lives can be changed by Christ, and one way we strive for that goal is to continue to make improvements and updates to locations when needed. At LCBC Waynesboro, we recently enhanced the entrance to the location, which will provide better lighting and protect it from the elements. We also corrected drainage problems in that area, resulting in less icing during the cold seasons. These additions provide practical and aesthetic enhancements that will create a more welcoming experience at LCBC Waynesboro.

Onelife Clmbuilding

Columbia-Montour - Bloomsburg, PA

  • Moved from Berwick to Bloomsburg through ONE LIFE, July 2017
  • 933 average weekly attendance in 2018
  • 18% increase in the last 12 months
One Life Amanda

Made New

“I didn’t grow up in a religious family. We believed in God, but that was the extent of it. I struggled as a teenager and became pregnant in high school, which led me to working at a Christian daycare where my son would attend. As he grew up he would talk more and more about God. To help fill that void, we went on a mission trip to Haiti when he was 11 years old. We were at peace there and I knew right away that this was part of God’s plan for us. I knew I had to start working on my relationship with God.

A friend suggested LCBC, and I started attending last July. I instantly felt at home and began trusting God more and more. Once I decided to fully trust in him, my life changed. The unconditional love I had been searching for my whole life was finally found in him. I have been continuously overwhelmed by how much he loves me and I can see that by how relentlessly he has pursued me over and over again, no matter how far I strayed. He has never given up on me. I am so thankful for what God says to us in 2 Corinthians 5:17: ‘Anyone who belongs to Christ is a new person. The past is forgotten, and everything is made new.’”

-Amanda Hopper

One Life Hanover

Hanover - Hanover, PA

  • Launched October 2017
  • 317 average weekly attendance in 2018
  • 7.5% increase from launch through August 2018

Location Update

Since opening, LCBC Hanover has experienced strong growth, and they’re excited to be adding a third gathering time at 12:30pm on Sundays this fall. This will provide another opportunity for more people to be introduced to Jesus.

One Life Kevin

When Everything Falls Apart

“In February of 2017 my boss told me that I would be laid off with my whole staff at the end of the month. I felt like such a failure. Two weeks later a friend of mine died of cancer. Just when I thought I had solid ground under my feet again, two weeks and a day later my dear friend died after a minor surgery. While planning for her funeral I got a call from my wife telling me that my mom had just died out in Oregon. I felt the world closing in. I prayed to God. Actually, I shouted at him. I couldn’t understand any of it. Then one day I was driving into Hanover and saw that someone had bought the old furniture store. I thought, who is LCBC? I watched several sermons on the website and I listened to the music and I suddenly felt that I may have found my new home.

Two weeks before, my wife and I had a really big argument, which led to us separating. I walked up to the church a very broken and desperate person. The first person I saw gave me the biggest smile and a warm handshake and I felt immediately that I was welcome. I didn’t know what to expect, but as the band started playing, the first line of the first song was, “When everything falls apart, and all our plans fall through...” as soon as I read that on the screen I couldn’t sing. It hit me right in the heart. Today I have a new church family and I feel as though I am walking with God again. I’ve recently moved, but serving on the Tech Team at LCBC Hanover is such an important part of my life that I drive an hour and a half each weekend to be there. I am thankful for all that God has done so he can use me going forward. I don’t know what his plan is for me, but I know that it is not to harm me, but to prosper me. What more can I ask for?”

-Kevin Dunlap

One Life Hazleton

Hazleton - Hazleton, PA

  • Launched November 2017
  • 259 average weekly attendance in 2018
  • 44% increase since transitioning from Hill City Church and relocating to the former Hollywood Diner
One Life Kelsey

A Decision to Change

“I was raised as a strict Catholic. I believed, but I never felt as if I had a personal relationship with God. 2016 was a huge struggle in my life. I was juggling school, working, and many problems in my relationship. I went to church only a handful of times that year. Every time I went, God seemed to call me out on the problems in my life, but because I wasn’t ready to work on them, I stopped going altogether. I turned my back on God and even doubted his existence. This led me to fall into a deep depression.

New Year’s of 2017, I decided my life needed a change. I chose to start going to LCBC every weekend and really trying to work with God to better my life. A few months later, I started to be a part of Guest Services and have been ever since.

I realized that God will not remove or change tough circumstances, but he will walk through them with me. Everything I went through helped me to become a better person and be more self-aware. Not only did it bring me back to God, but I now have a personal relationship with him. LCBC helped change my life.”

-Kelsey Diaz-Kuhn

One Life Coal Township

Coal Township - Coal Township, PA

  • Started in a house watching LCBC gatherings together
  • Launched March 2018
  • More than tripled from 20 to 65 people since beginning of 2018

Location Update

LCBC Coal Township has been experiencing continued growth, and recently expanded again into a second storefront, significantly increasing their space and ability to reach more people. Later this fall, they will also be moving their one gathering time at 4pm on Sundays to two gathering times at 9am and 10:45am as they strive to introduce more people to Jesus.

One Life Eric

Finding Fulfillment

“On the surface, my life was far different than what was going on inside. I wanted to be happy, and to be happy all I needed was the next thing: a new car, house, wife, kids, and more. Even after having everything I wanted, inside I was still empty. This is when I started to see and to hear. Watching friends and others who had far less than I did in material possessions and relationships thrive while I stalled made me reach out to God.

While driving one night, I burst into tears and prayed, asking God to come into my life. It was an immediate feeling of calm. I realized I could not be complete without God, but with God I could be the person I want to be and the father and husband my family deserved. I didn’t need to sacrifice to follow Christ. He sacrificed for me.

Following Christ has allowed me to open so many new doors and to realize what I already have. The ability to share his love with others has more than replaced anything I have given up. Since attending LCBC my life has definitely been one changed by Christ. I wake up daily with a renewed purpose: to affect others and show them by example how God’s grace, love, and mercy will provide them the happiness they are searching for.”

-Eric Brightbill

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