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Why continue the ONE LIFE initiative?

This two-year initiative is to reach three new goals that we have for the future of LCBC—locations in both Lebanon and on the West Shore, and Digital Initiatives. This new goal will allow us to continue to reach more people for Jesus across our state and further our mission of introducing people to Jesus and together fully following him.

I am already tithing to support LCBC. What am I being asked to do for ONE LIFE?

We are asking you to consider a commitment over and above your current contributions to LCBC. We believe that the best place for ongoing and intentional ministry should be the General Fund. This is where the lion’s share of our ministry efforts take place day in and day out, and we humbly ask for your continued significant participation. With strong financial general fund giving levels, we are also able to support future location expansion through the general fund.

What happens to gifts that I give to ONE LIFE today?

Your gifts to ONE LIFE will go to fund the three new goals— our locations in Lebanon and on the West Shore and Digital Initiatives.

However, depending on the timing of expenses and our ability to identify a long-term location on the West Shore, we may reduce borrowings in the short-term instead of holding on to cash received—this helps to reduce our overall costs. We have flexibility with our lender to re- borrow money as we are ready to launch new locations.

Please note that LCBC takes a very conservative approach to debt management, but we do believe the responsible use of borrowings allows us to leverage the resources we have and more quickly launch locations to reach people for Christ. LCBC’s current borrowings total just over $3 million while our general fund provides enough funding to service borrowings of over $30 million—this means there are additional funds that we provide from the general fund that are used to reduce borrowings and/or fund our location expansion efforts.

By making a commitment to the ONE LIFE initiative, am I agreeing to a contract? Am I legally bound to fulfilling my commitment amount?

Your commitment is not a contract or legally binding agreement and LCBC will never hold you liable for your commitment amount. We believe that your commitment to the ONE LIFE initiative is between you and God. Our hope is that as you seek God in prayer regarding what role you can play, you will be led to a commitment amount that is right for you. God may stretch you to take a step of faith and make a sacrificial commitment to ONE LIFE.

Still Have Questions?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our Advancement Team directly by calling us at 717-928-2155 or by emailing us.

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