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A New Opportunity to Reach People for Jesus

Our mission as a church is to introduce people to Jesus and together fully follow him - and part of that mission is looking for new ways to reach people across the state of Pennsylvania. It’s with this mission in mind that LCBC and Parker Hill Church have joined together to reach Northeast PA with the love of Jesus.

    Check out the video below and explore the FAQs to learn more details about this new opportunity.

    Week of Prayer at Parker Hill + LCBC

    One of our core values as a church is to pray about everything. Please join us for our Week of Prayer May 24-30 leading up to LCBC and Parker Hill joining together. Sign up to receive a daily text with a prayer prompt for each day.

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    Virtual Vision Night - May 18 at 7pm on Zoom

    Join us for an evening together on Zoom as we talk and dream about the future of Parker Hill + LCBC joining together to reach Pennsylvania. David Ashcraft and Mark Stuenzi will give context and vision, update us on where we are in the process, and have time for a Q&A at the end of the event.

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    Latest Info

    Find the latest updates on LCBC + Parker Hill joining together below.

    Learn More About Parker Hill Church
    What Will Change When We Join Together with Parker Hill?
    Continuing to Reach Our Communities Together

    LCBC & Parker Hill Joining Together FAQs

    Who is Parker Hill?

    Parker Hill Church is a multi site church with three campus locations throughout Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA) in Clarks Summit, Scranton, and Wilkes-Barre. The Scranton/Wilkes Barre metro area is home to over 565,000 residents making it the 5th largest metropolitan area in Pennsylvania. Recent studies indicate that only 4.5% of the population in this region identify as Evangelical Christians, highlighting the incredible opportunity to introduce more people to Jesus. With over 1,800 in weekend attendance prior to the pandemic, Parker Hill has established themselves as a beacon of hope in a largely spiritually depressed area.

    How did LCBC and Parker Hill get connected?

    LCBC has had a long standing relationship with Parker Hill dating back to 2005 when leadership from LCBC was visiting churches across the country who had adopted a multi site ministry model. And over the past 15 years, our leadership and staff have continued to build on that relationship as we work closely with Parker Hill and their staff. In fact, for the last 10 years, Parker Hill’s Lead Pastor, Mark Stuenzi, has met with David Ashcraft and other leaders at LCBC on a regular basis for mutual encouragement and prayer. We are very excited about continuing to build on this deep relationship by partnering in a new way to further impact our state together.

    Why does LCBC want to join together with Parker Hill?

    Joining together with Parker Hill allows us to introduce more people to Jesus, and enhances our ability to have a greater impact on the State of PA. This creates a pathway to further expansion across the eastern portions of the state into areas such as Allentown and Bethlehem. As a result of the long standing relationship between LCBC and Parker Hill, we are very well aligned in a number of key areas including our shared multi-site ministry model, utilization of video teaching, and kid ministry environments. We truly believe that by joining together with Parker Hill, both churches moving forward as one will be better equipped to impact the state of PA.

    Why does Parker Hill want to join together with LCBC?

    Simply put, this would allow Parker Hill to be even more effective in their mission of helping people find the way back to God. By joining forces with a like-minded Pennsylvania church, they are better equipped to reach a new level of effectiveness that would not be attainable on their own. Together, LCBC and Parker Hill can move forward faster and can accomplish greater things.

    For Parker Hill, joining together would remove a number of limitations to accomplishing their mission. Because of staff transitions, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and future financial obstacles, Parker Hill will have some very challenging days ahead as they rebuild. Joining together with LCBC, Parker Hill would be able to regain momentum much more quickly, continue to operate all three of their campuses, fill vacant staff positions, and move to even greater levels of effectiveness. This will also provide a seamless transition in leadership as their Senior Pastor, Mark Stuenzi, wraps up his time at Parker Hill.

    Through this decision to join together, Parker Hill staff members will have access to experienced leaders and proven systems. They will have the opportunity to build relationships and collaborate with ministry peers from other campuses across central and eastern Pennsylvania.

    By sharing resources, leadership, and central office staff with LCBC, Parker Hill believes that they can be much better stewards of the financial gifts entrusted to them.

    How has the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacted Parker Hill?

    Prior to the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Parker Hill had been experiencing a decrease in attendance of 2% to 4% annually over the past 3 years - a trend that is not uncommon across the country. As a result of the pandemic, Parker Hill, like LCBC, was forced to move their weekend gatherings to exclusively online offerings. Throughout the pandemic, Parker Hill has averaged approximately 1,300 online viewers each week. While they have seen a decrease in giving of 12.9% fiscally year-over-year, their online and scheduled giving rates have increased substantially throughout the pandemic.

    Is now really the time to join together with another church?

    The conversation around the possibility of joining together has been ongoing dating back to the fall of 2019, and culminating in the announcement of a strategic alignment in November of 2020. Throughout the past 18 months, the leadership of both churches have diligently been praying, communicating and analyzing the current realities of our nation in an attempt to discern God’s will. Specific filters such as attendance, the ability to gather in-person, and giving were put in place as “markers” to determine whether or not “now” is the time to move forward. As a result of God’s provision, and the financial generosity of both the LCBC and Parker Hill communities, both churches have seen encouraging attendance patterns and find themselves in strong financial positions. Moreover, the strategic alignment has allowed the staff at both churches to begin to work together, to collaborate on shared projects, and to get to know one another better. As a result of each of these items, we believe that now is the time to come together.

    Will LCBC take on debt as a result of joining Parker Hill?

    LCBC will not acquire any new ongoing operational debt as a result of joining together. Parker Hill currently has $3.2MM of debt as a result of an installment sales agreement to purchase their Dickson City (Scranton) location. Due to the incredible generosity of those in both the Parker Hill and LCBC communities, this debt will be eliminated as part of the process, either before or at settlement.

    How does joining together with another multi site church work?

    While this will be the fifth adoption that LCBC has had the privilege of being part of, this is the first with a multi site church. The Dickson City (Scranton) location, which currently serves as the “central” office and broadcast location for Parker Hill, will transition to a video teaching campus. Dickson City, along with Parker Hill’s Clarks Summit and Wilkes-Barre locations, will become LCBC campus locations.

    Will the Parker Hill staff transition to LCBC?

    All Parker Hill employees have been given the opportunity to continue on staff with LCBC. Most Parker Hill staff have elected to transition to LCBC, and will continue to serve in their current roles. Other staff members will have a change in responsibilities, and several will relocate to Manheim to serve in the LCBC Central Offices or in leadership roles.

    How can I learn more about Parker Hill?

    Over the next 8 weeks you will be receiving a series of video communications and emails providing important updates on the process.

    Please mark your calendars for the evening of May 18 as you will have the opportunity to engage in a virtual conversation between David and Parker Hill’s Senior Pastor, Mark Stuenzi, as they unpack the series of conversations and decisions that have led to this merger discussion.

    What happens next?

    During our weekend gatherings on June 5/6/7, we will be asking our partners to affirm the unanimous recommendation of the LCBC Board of Elders and the Strategic Leadership Team to formally join together with Parker Hill. Following an affirmative vote, we will complete the necessary legal process to officially adopt Parker Hill.

    Who can vote?

    Anyone who has completed the required LCBC partnership process and has become an LCBC Partner is authorized to vote.

    Not an LCBC Partner? Find out more about the partnership process.

    What if I have other questions?

    If you have further questions regarding the possibility of LCBC adopting Parker Hill, please contact Jeff Kahler at

    Pray With Us

    We’d love for you to join us in praying for our churches as they come together in a few specific ways:

    • Pray for the leadership of Parker Hill Church and the leadership of LCBC as we make decisions to move forward
    • Pray for the attendees of Parker Hill Church and LCBC that the transition continues to be smooth and beneficial for everyone
    • Pray for the Northeast region of our state, that we will be able to reach even more people with the love of Jesus as we come together

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