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Join us on the weekend of January 5, 6, and 7 as we kick off our new four-week series, Set for Life. Dave Ramsey will be joining our weekend gatherings live to help us get started.

During Set For Life, our goal is to see 10,000 people in our church family find financial freedom by going through Financial Peace University (FPU).

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88% of people are living beyond their limits and are one change of circumstances from a financial crisis. Jesus wants us to live a remarkable life, but debt robs us of that reality.

Even if you feel good about where you are financially, the following statistics give us an idea of what those around us are experiencing:

70%of us are "Normal" - broke and busted

  • Statistically over $30k in debt
  • Annual income is $40-$60k
  • It'll take you almost 6 years to pay off your debt

16%of us are "Bankrupt"

  • Statistically we have 2 new cars ($32k), a school loan ($20k), and credit card debt ($8k)
  • Total monthly expenses: $2,840

2%of us are experiencing "Death by Credit Cards"

  • Same as the "Bankrupt" 16% above, but add an additional $100k in credit card debt
  • Too much pressure - you've lost all hope!

Financial Peace University

Over the last six months we walked with our Staff and key volunteer teams through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University (FPU) in order to help write a new story for everyone who calls LCBC home.

Over 2,500 people from our church have learned the principles of wise money management, and the results have been incredible. In just one FPU class alone (about 61 households) $318,872 of debt was paid off, and $175,125.66 cash was saved.

Now it’s your turn.

Join us on the weekend of January 5, 6, and 7 as we kick off our new four-week series, Set for Life. Dave Ramsey will be joining our weekend gatherings live to help us get started.

Each of our locations will be offering multiple Financial Peace University Groups throughout the week starting in mid-January. It’s a 9-week course that will teach you the nuts and bolts of wise money management that will help you get set for life!

We have groups to fit every schedule you can imagine, meeting in church and homes throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

Catch Up on Set for Life

Check out the messages below if you missed a week or want to re-watch any of the Set for Life series.

Cut Back, Clear Out, Pay Off
Financial expert and advisor Dave Ramsey joins us to kick off our Set For Life series and talk about what it means to have wisdom when it comes to money.

The Art of Living Well with Special Guest Dave Ramsey
We all want to live a life that is full. But what if we're keeping ourselves from experiencing that life in the way we handle our finances? When we look at money God's way, we can start to understand how to have a life that is abundant—even beyond our finances.

Own The Mess
We can stumble into the mess of our financial situation, but we can't stumble out of it. When we're intentional about our plan to manage our money wisely, we can start going after the life God wants for us.

Living Today Like Tomorrow Matters
Even though we can't predict the future, we can prepare for it. And part of preparing for that means taking the practical steps so that we're ready when the unexpected happens. Winter is coming—are you ready for it?

Is there a cost?

We are able to offer membership kits for $69 per family for the Set for Life series. We guarantee that the investment will be worthwhile. Many of us can cover this cost, but don’t let cost be the barrier that stops you. Reach out to us and we'd be happy to start the conversation around how to get you a kit.