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A Friend in Lancaster

Amy's Story

For the first 5 years of Amy’s marriage, times were tough. Both her and her husband had issues they needed to work through, but once they were resolved she felt like she had reached her ‘quota of hard things’ in life. And then, she had a miscarriage that completely broke her. The anger and pain that Amy experienced affected her relationship with God, and she began to feel bitter and resentful about his grace and mercy.

She soon discovered her family would be moving for her husband’s job. While he was excited, Amy tried her best to be supportive even though she was still hurting. The commute from her job with the move was now 2 hours both ways, and Amy used her time in the car to talk to God—but ended up just yelling at him and crying most of the time, too angry to try to listen.

“I was screaming in my car and saying, ‘God you need to do something, where are you?’”

On the day Amy was driving home after giving her notice at her job, she was expressing her frustration to God about needing to build relationships, but not knowing anyone in the new area. “I was screaming in my car and saying, ‘God you need to do something, where are you?’”

When she got home her daughter was hungry, it was late, and she didn’t know what was happening for dinner. Then suddenly, the doorbell rang. She opened it and there was a woman standing there with brownies from LCBC. “I asked why she was there, and she said, ‘I’m here to tell you that you have a friend in Lancaster.’ And I started crying.”

“I told her, ‘You are bringing me a message straight from God’s lips!’” She knew God had sent this woman to speak directly to her. “Because this woman went outside of herself to serve, because she decided to use her time for someone else, those brownies pulled me out of a pit." 

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