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A Relationship Restored through Jesus

Steve & Gary's Story

Steve’s relationship with his father-in-law Gary was strained. When Steve was with Gary’s daughter, their belief systems clashed, and Steve targeted Gary for being a Christian—making fun of him and taunting his faith. When Steve separated from Gary’s daughter, the tension between the two men grew, brewing into an all-out war.

One night during a domestic dispute with Gary’s son (Steve’s ex-brother-in-law), Steve received a call that his ex-wife and daughter were trapped in the house where the dispute was happening. Fearing for their lives, Steve sped to the scene. For the first time maybe ever, he found himself praying for his ex-wife and daughter’s safety—praying to the God that he had mocked for so long.

"No matter what accomplishments or achievements you’ve earned, all the glory has to go to God."

Years later, Steve found himself prompted to take a Starting Point class at LCBC. And not long after, he found himself face to face with the man he had shown hatred towards for years. Steve and Gary talked for hours, resolving issues they never thought could possibly be resolved. And Gary realized how much Steve had changed since the last time they’d seen each other.

The relationship between Steve and Gary has grown into one of mutual respect and care, and Steve was baptized at LCBC with Gary in the water beside him. "One of the things I learned [was], no matter what accomplishments or achievements you’ve earned, all the glory has to go to God," Steve recalls of his time spent in Starting Point class. "He’s my ex-father-in-law, but I feel like where I am today in my life, I would do anything for him."

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