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One Cousin's Encouragement Led to a Life Changed

Amy & Bethany's Story

Amy’s family grew up going to church, but her cousin Bethany and her family didn’t attend regularly, and Amy always felt that Bethany needed God in her life.

“I didn’t feel like my life was going anywhere.”

A few years ago, when Bethany's life spiraled out of control, Amy saw the opportunity to invite her to LCBC. "I wasn’t working, I was bumming off people, I was stealing from my dad," Bethany remembers. "I didn’t feel like my life was going anywhere."

Bethany wasn't a big fan of church or the way that it made her feel to go to one in the past, but Amy continued to encourage her, and Bethany attended a Christmas Eve service. It was a church service like she’d never experienced before.

Today, Bethany feels different about coming to church. "Where I'm at now, I feel welcomed, I feel accepted." Bethany says. "It's one of the best things that's ever happened in my life."

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