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God's Perfect Timing

Angela & Kevin and Laurie & Marlin's Story

Standing at a sink alone in the bathroom of LCBC in the middle of a gathering, Angela felt small and insignificant.

“I said, out loud, ‘Don’t you see me? God, do you see me?’"

Angela and her husband Kevin had attended LCBC for seven years before a miscarriage shook their marriage and their faith. And just as they were beginning to heal, they found themselves in a child dedication gathering.

Marlin and Laurie had also been attending LCBC for 7 years when they found themselves in the same gathering–sitting right next to Angela and Kevin. They had never met.

“I said, ‘this is your big plan? I finally felt like I had some peace, and then this happens."

As Angela’s emotions took over, she left the worship session and headed for the bathroom. There she questioned God’s timing. “I said, ‘this is your big plan?’” Angela remembers, “I finally felt like I had some peace, and then this happens."

As Kevin stood by himself in the auditorium, Marlin and Laurie felt a wave of familiarity, and Marlin decided to ask Kevin if the subject of children was a sensitive one in their lives currently. It had been a sensitive subject for Marlin and Laurie years ago, as well. “Having been where I’ve been, even though it was so many years ago, I knew how bad she was hurting.” Laurie says.

Angela stood in the bathroom and collected herself, feeling broken and alone. And suddenly, Laurie was there, offering words of comfort.

Kevin recalls the amazement he felt looking back on that moment. “You sit in a gathering of however many thousands of people, and you’re sitting right next to the person that needs to hear something from you the most.”  

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