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A Place to Belong

Angelica's Story

Angelica’s mother left her family when she was six years old. She was left to care for her father and herself and grow up in a home that always felt incomplete. Growing up around her father’s destructive girlfriends, her view of what it meant to be a woman was distorted.

At age 12 she was raped by one of her Aunt’s friends. “My life was never the same after that.” Angela remembers.

When she was 15 she met the father of her two children, and suffered physical and mental abuse from him and later from another man who would end up being her ex-husband. It was at that point that she decided to move in with her mother, who later left her for the second time in Angelica’s life.

“I think that’s the hardest part,” Angelica says. “Not having my parents is one of the hardest parts of everything, because me and my kids live life alone."

“I felt like I’d finally come to a place where I could be myself and people weren’t judging me”

Angelica began attending the LCBC York campus after being invited by one of her friends. “I felt like I’d finally come to a place where I could be myself and people weren’t judging me,” she remembers.

It was there that she decided to give her life to Jesus. “I remember just standing in the auditorium one day and just letting the tears flow while I asked him to enter my life."

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