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A Personal Relationship with Jesus

Brett's Story

I always believed in God, but never had a relationship with him when I was younger. I was lost, scared to be myself, and eager to fit in and please others. Living for myself, I was in a scary and destructive place. After my parents divorced, my life was full of fear, abandonment, and I had a lack of self-worth. I found myself looking for love in a cycle of unhealthy relationships, ready to lash out at the world. I thought this was how life was supposed to be.

When I started dating my wife, we visited a non-denominational Christian church. It felt different than what I had known in the Catholic Church or thought of Jesus in the past. I will never forget how much I could relate to the message. I felt a part of it and I felt loved. I began a personal relationship with Christ, and decided to trust Jesus with my heart

"Because of Jesus I found my true self and worth"

Now, with Jesus, I feel a sense of purpose, value, and understanding. Because of Jesus I found my true self and worth. I pray constantly and rely on God for everything. I discovered that I do not have to live life alone and for the first time in my life, I feel truly alive. Through Jesus, I can finally be the man I always wanted to be and feel comfortable in my own skin. I have become a better son, husband, father, and friend, capable and ready to lead my wife and daughters. I owe everything in my life today to the power and glory of Jesus.

I was baptized because I want to show the world that I trust Jesus with all of my heart!

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