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God's Power at Work

Drew & Beka's Story

Drew never really understood why his friend and co-worker Beka was so excited about church. The two had formed a friendship working together, and Drew often mocked Beka’s faith and focused on a life of drugs and reckless behavior. Baka spent time praying for him, even in her frustration. But Drew moved away from her friendship and from her opinions on church.

“The best thing you can do for someone that you have so much hate towards is pray for them.”

Drew found himself in a scary and serious situation: he had been involved in a car crash while there were drugs found in his system. This left Drew angry and Beka even more upset by his rejection of faith. Beka remembers the words of her mother in the situation, “The best thing you can do for someone that you have so much hate towards is pray for them.” So Beka continued to pray.

In the midst of her praying, LCBC began asking people to think about one person they felt needed to come to church the most in their lives. And Beka’s person was Drew.

Drew began feeling a nudge to go to church. He called Beka, knowing she was active in LCBC, and they went together. Drew ended up enjoying the gathering.

The next week, he was back in court for his final session. And it resulted in Drew having to go to jail. Now it was Beka who had words of encouragement for Drew. “I was like, ‘It’s going to be okay. God is with you and everything is going to be okay.’” As he spent the night in jail, Drew noticed a cross carved into the wall of his cell with the words ‘He can get you through anything, all you need is to believe.’

After that, Drew’s life changed drastically. He began serving in kidMin and attending gatherings, and his perception of life changed from being Drew-based to being God-based.

“Here I am now, and things are way better.” Drew says.  

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