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Leaving Our Baggage at the Cross

Pam's Story

When Pam found out her husband was having an affair, her world was turned upside-down. The pain was so great that she considered suicide—but on a night when she seemed to fall apart, she felt a presence with her that she knows kept her alive.

After making the decision to sell her house and have a fresh start, Pam contacted her friend who was a realtor. But when she came to talk with her, they didn’t talk about the house—they talked about Pam and her current situation, and she invited Pam to LCBC. 

"I knew that God was speaking to me that day"

When she heard David speak, his words hit her hard. “His comment was, ‘We all have baggage, and at the cross is where we leave our baggage, and we can become new.’” Pam was astonished. “I knew that was God speaking to me that day, because that’s exactly what I was told as to why I was left, because I had too much baggage.”

Today, Pam knows that God is with her, and that he always has been. “I look back at a lot of the different things in my life and I see points where there were things that happened, and I just really believe that he was with me the whole time." 

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