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Faith in God's Promise

Matt & Melissa's story

After getting engaged in August of 2015, Matt and Melissa looked forward to the rest of their lives together—planning a wedding for October of 2016 and beginning to look for a house. 

In the midst of this joy, Matt unexpectedly lost his job. After hearing a message on the weekend at LCBC about ways to give, Melissa decided that the 90-Day Tithing Challenge was her Next Step. “I won’t sugar coat it, 10% is a lot,” she remembers, “but it’s amazing how the desire to waste money just went away."

“Faith is what got us to this point, and this is just the beginning.”

Two offers on homes fell through in the midst of their tithing, but the third ended in an agreement with the seller that was significantly lower than the original asking price.  And to top it off, Matt received a promising job offer.

Matt and Melissa know it was their faith and the 90-Day Tithing Challenge that resulted in the blessings during what seemed like the most stressful time of their lives. “Faith is what got us to this point, and this is just the beginning.”

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