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A Different Kind of Church

Yolonda's Story

Yolonda came to LCBC for the first time because of her daughter. What she found was a family in a church that was unlike anything she'd experienced before.

Before coming to LCBC, my life felt like wandering in the dark. I was always trying to figure everything out on my own, but with no real sense of what I was looking for. Quick-tempered and constantly anxious, I was very unhappy with a lot of things in my life. I didn’t trust God to carry me through anything, and I found the worry and stress I felt affecting all of my relationships.

"LCBC was everything that I never imagined a church being"

After deciding to fully trust in Jesus, I’m a totally different person. Instead of trying to fix everything by myself, I feel Jesus walking with me and helping me through my rough patches. I don’t let stress and anxiety cause me physical pain. And LCBC was everything that I never imagined a church being. My relationship with my daughter is much better, and we even serve together. Giving my life to God gives me peace and allows me to nurture my relationship with others. I feel free walking in the light.

My name is Yolonda, and I’m a life changed by Christ.

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