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Estate Planning Ministry

We put a lot of effort into taking care of ourselves and our families today, but often put off thinking about what happens after we're gone. Estate Planning is one of the most caring things you can do now for the people you love - but it can be overwhelming to think about.

LCBC has partnered with Financial Planning Ministry (FPM) - a non-profit ministry who works exclusively with Christian organizations - to help you learn how to protect your assets, discover tax advantages, and save your loved ones time and money by establishing a will or living trust, all at no cost to you.

Estate Planning Seminars & Webinars will be returning to LCBC in May of 2023

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Benefits of Financial Planning Ministry

  • Learn the different benefits of a will vs. a trust and which plan is best for you and your family

  • Meet one-on-one with experts (at your request) who will work with you to prepare your documents and achieve your will or trust

  • Receive information, advice, and assistance in your legacy planning with FPM at no cost to you

We steward the resources God has entrusted us with while we are living and at the time of our passing. We have all heard it said “you can’t take your possessions to Heaven” but we can leave it to our family, our church, and the organizations we care deeply about. We can and should have a legacy plan that is our final act of stewardship.

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