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Bible Reading

The Bible challenges us to know God and see ourselves in his Word

Why Read The Bible?

Our deepest relationships are those that we invest the most time in. Being intentional about reading God’s Word means that we’re setting aside time to hear from him and understand what he wants for our lives. By taking the time each day to read and reflect on what he has to say, we can make being in a relationship with God a daily part our lives.

Plans to Follow

Use or download the YouVersion Bible App to follow along with our quarterly Bible Reading Plans and to find more plans you can use to read the Bible each day.

Bible Reading Plans

Audience of One

What does it really look like to live for an Audience of One, and what practical steps can we take to make sure we're living with that perspective? This 7-Day Bible Reading Plan will encourage you as you seek to shift your life to follow God's direction instead of man's.

LCBC: Why We Exist

Whether you're new to LCBC or you've been around for a while, you've probably heard our mission statement: to introduce people to Jesus and together fully follow him. But there's more to the story of who we are and why we exist. This 5-Day Bible Reading Plan will take you through the key Bible verses that our church is built on and give you context for why we do what we do.

The Power of Prayer

Why do we pray, how should we pray, and what exactly happens when we do? This 6-Day Bible Reading Plan gives insight into the power and importance of prayer.

The Story of Ruth

This is a reading plan for the book of Ruth. It is a book that has been carried down through hundreds of years and finally committed to writing between the 6th and 4th centuries BC. It is the story of a young woman from the country of Moab (a country East of Israel) at about 1200 BC. This young woman marries a young Jewish man and lives with his family on a plot of land in Moab until her husband dies. When her mother-in-law (herself widowed) decides to move back to Israel, Ruth clings to her and vows to stay with her and move to Israel. It is a remarkable story of loyalty, integrity, and how God uses people from all over to accomplish his will.

Our reading plan will include a daily portion of scripture to read, some questions to think through, and a challenge for the day. To get the most out of the experience, find a quiet place where you can invest 15 minutes each day. It would also be helpful to have a notebook or journal to record your thoughts. Above all, keep an open mind about what God might accomplish over the next several days.

Spiritual Gifts

What are spiritual gifts, where do they come from, and how can you identify yours? This 5-Day Bible Reading Plan will equip you to start exploring how your unique makeup can help you serve God and his mission to reach others in his name.

Sermon on the Mount Daily Reading Challenge

Take the challenge to read Matthew 5-7 each day as we hear in the uncensored (and sometimes shocking) words of Jesus how he instructs his followers to live. This 18-Day Bible Reading Plan will pair the Sermon on the Mount with daily devotionals encouraging us in our journey to be more like Jesus.

Rise EP Bible Reading Plan

LCBC Worship’s EP Rise tells and celebrates the incredible story of Jesus’s death and resurrection. As you listen along with the songs on the EP, read along in this 4-Day Bible Reading Plan complete with lyrics from the songs, scripture, and accompanying thoughts around how Jesus’ story changes everything for us.

Book by Book: Quarter 2

This part of the reading plan includes selected chapters from each book of the Bible from 1 Kings to Psalm 139. Reading some of each book will give us insight into all of the Bible. We will discover that it contains both stories and instruction and will help us understand God and ourselves better.

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