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Following Jesus includes understanding how to handle God's money, His way, for His glory

LCBC Stewardship

Our team exists to guide people to experience a stronger, deeper relationship with Jesus through understanding, trusting, and applying what God says about money.

Why talk about Personal Finances?

We believe it’s impossible to become a fully devoted follower of Jesus without also becoming a fully developed steward of the financial resources God provides.

Fully following Jesus includes understanding how to handle God’s money, his way, for his glory. The resources below will provide you with information on giving, saving, and spending. Explore what God’s written word says about how to allocate your personal finances responsibly and with eternity in mind.

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Financial Coaching Ministry

Stuck on your financial journey and unsure of your next step? We’d love to help you.

LCBC offers one-on-one financial coaching at no cost to anyone at LCBC Church. We have trained coaches available to serve people from any LCBC location that are ready to help you take your next step towards financial peace.

The Mission of Financial Coaching is to coach participants in personalized, one-on-one settings to eliminate debt, save money, build wealth, and see money as God’s tool to use for his glory through the methods of teaching, equipping, empowering, and encouraging.

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90-Day Tithing Challenge

Honoring and trusting God in all things, including your finances, is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a follower of Jesus.

Register to take the 90-Day Tithing and the LCBC Stewardship Team will support and walk alongside you with resources and encouragement.

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Legacy Planning

Financial Planning Ministry

No matter what stage of life you’re in, there’s real benefits to estate planning for you and your loved ones. LCBC partners with Financial Planning Ministry (FPM) to set you up for success at no cost to you!

FPM will help you learn how to protect your assets, discover tax advantages, and save your loved one’s time and money by establishing a will or living trust.

Invest in your future

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Financial Peace University

Get in control of your finances and win with money, by starting with Financial Peace University! It’s time to forever change the way you look at money.

Financial expert Dave Ramsey teaches this life-changing, 9-session course with practical lessons to eliminate debt, build wealth, give like never before, and much more!

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Money Matters

Money Matters is a free monthly resource delivered right to your email from LCBC Stewardship to help you grow closer to Jesus and deeper in your faith by learning how to trust and honor God with your finances.

Stay up-to-date on the latest personal finance resources, relevant articles and other current events by subscribing!

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My Generosity Journey Tool

We all want to work to be more generous with what we have – use this tool to discover where you are on your generosity journey and where you want to be when it comes to trusting Jesus.

Where do you see yourself in your giving and generosity journey?

Discover Your Journey

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My Story

Stories of God moving are powerful testimonies – no story is too big or too small. Celebrate what God is doing in your life by sharing your story so other people can hear how he has shown up as you trust him with your finances.

“We gave a little before but always had the mindset to pay off debt first and then give. So we were working towards tithing 10% and it seemed like a great goal, but, never fully giving it over and trusting – until now. It was a scary decision, however, the past month has been full of blessings. I had my review last week and a 3% increase was set standard across the company. My boss gave me a 5% increase instead. I feel like we are coming across more coupons and opportunities as well to make our budget extend further. Time and time again, in little ways and larger ways, God is constantly saying I am here, I love you, and I will take care of you. I’m reminded of why we are doing this, especially in our busy, busy world! I’ve also been reflecting on how often in the past I put money above God, without EVER knowing or being aware of it. I’ve realized the blessing of releasing that burden and stress to him.” – Katie, LCBC Ephrata

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Personal Finance Tools & Resources

Life-changing tools to learn to manage money God's way

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