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Stewardship Changes Everything

What is Stewardship?

When you think of stewardship, what comes to mind? The reality today is that most people, including lots of Christians, don’t understand the true meaning of stewardship. And that’s a tragedy. Why? Because stewardship is our ultimate calling as Christ followers.

Why Does it Matter?

Each morning, God gives you a day full of opportunities to praise him - chances to notice the small, but extraordinary gifts from your heavenly Father. Just imagine how abundant your life could be if you got serious about stewarding the little moments every day, not just with money, but with your marriage, parenting, personal development, and career!


Budgeting 101

Your Life. Your Money. In Sync!

Want less stress? Budget more and worry less! Managing money wisely will help you honor God with your finances! After just 3 months of budgeting 84% of people say they feel more in control of their money.

Whether you want to create your budget online, in an app or on paper, we can help!

How to Budget Using Simple, Zero-based Budgeting.

  1. Write down your total take-home (after tax) pay for your household. Don’t forget to include everything - full-time jobs, second jobs, freelance pay, social security, royalties and any other ongoing sources of income.
  2. List all of your expenses and savings goals.
  3. Subtract expenses from income to equal zero – this is called zero-based budgeting.
  4. Track your expenses and savings goals monthly to stay on top of your expenses.
Online Resources & Apps
Credit Card

Getting Out of Debt 101

The Journey of A Thousand Miles Begins with A Single Step.

It's smart to start small and build. When you tackle the small tasks first, you finish them quickly and see your progress. That gets you fired up about going after larger projects.

Stack Of Books

Recommended Personal Financial Resources


Below you will find link to the best biblically based personal finance podcast out there today! And best of all, they are free! Available to download online or your favorite app store.

Financial Calculators

Financial Sermons


Endorsed Local Providers (ELPs)

You could easily search the web for a list of agents or advisors in your city to help you with your tax, insurance, or real estate needs. In fact, you probably already have. But you have higher standards. You're looking for the best. And so are we. The ELP program was designed to help people like you find top-rated local professionals who have the heart of a teacher. We go through a rigorous screening and ongoing evaluation process to ensure that each ELP provides top notch service and expert advice, and that they are someone you can relate to and trust.

Kids & Youth Resources


Legacy Planning

Smart Money Smart Kids Class

Financial experts and father-daughter duo Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze have developed a brand-new, six-lesson class to equip parents to raise money-smart kids! Parents will learn how to help their kids make wise money choices and build character qualities to help their kids win with money and in life.

Find a Smart Money Smart Kids Class

Purchase the Home Study Kit

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