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Getting Married: A Guide to Weddings At LCBC

As we’re talking through the five most important bonds in relationships in our Winning At Relationships series, we spent some time discussing the importance of commitment. When all the other bonds are depleted in a relationship—Know, Trust, Rely, and Touch—Commit is the one that keeps that relationship afloat. And when a relationship is lacking commitment, it breeds uncertainty and anxiety.

Maybe listening to the message on Commit inspired you to take a step towards commitment in your relationship. If that’s the case, we want to come alongside you as a church and support that decision in any way that we can! If you’re thinking about getting married, here’s a little insight into the process of Weddings At LCBC.

Step 1 - Contact Your Location

At LCBC, there are a few ways we can be involved in one of the biggest and best commitments of your life! Whether you’re looking for our church to perform your ceremony, offer Premarital Mentoring, or host your celebration in one of our facilities, start by contacting your LCBC location using this form.

Step 2 - Receive A Wedding Packet

Once you talk to a staff person at your location, they will walk you through next steps and help to figure out if LCBC can be involved in your big day. Then they’ll get the ball rolling with a Weddings At LCBC packet for you and your fiancé to fill out together about the two of you, your relationship, and your upcoming wedding. Return it to your location once it’s all filled out.

Step 3 - Start Planning

Once the details are ironed out, you can start officially planning all the next steps to get to your big day! 

The choice to commit to someone else in marriage is a big deal, and we want to celebrate with you! If you have questions, concerns, or even just want to talk to someone about the idea of marriage and next steps, send us a message through this form or start a conversation with someone at your location—we’d love to talk to you! 

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