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  1. Bible Reading
  2. From Beginning to End: Quarter 1

Day 23

GEN. 27

This is a fascinating story of conflict and trickery. Jacob receives the promise that, through him, God would fulfill his promises to Abraham. Isaac wanted that blessing to go to Esau, but it had been predicted at Jacob and Esau’s birth in chapter 25 that Jacob was the chosen one.

I’m sure God didn’t approve of the method, but what he said would happen is exactly what happened. It’s odd that God would have chosen Jacob. He is a liar and, back in chapter 25, stole his brother’s rights as a firstborn. Paul writes about this in Romans 9:10-13, wondering why God would make a choice like this. We should be thankful God chooses to bless people who don’t always do the right thing, otherwise we would all be in trouble.

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